Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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Checking our 2015 predictions
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We here in the sports blogosphere like making bold predictions. It’s fun, and it gives us something to do in the football-starved summer months. But what’s the point of making predictions if we don’t occasionally check back and see how we did? So we thought it would be fun (and/or disheartening) to take a look at our* guesses from last offseason and compare them to what actually happened. Cheers to accountability.

*Okay, I technically wasn’t on the VT staff until this year, so I wasn’t actually involved in any of these predictions. But what could make me a better, more independent ombudsman for this process? Nothing, I say.

To the predictions!

Less than twelve hours ago I broke down the Vikings offensive line and said this about left tackle Patrick Brown:

“He is an exclusive rights free agent this offseason, and the Vikings will probably take advantage of that to retain him…”

As it turns out, I am officially one-for-one in my predictions for the offseason.

The Vikings signed Brown to a one year deal on Tuesday worth $540,000.  Don’t get too excited though, as the rest of my prediction reads like this:

“…but anyone that thinks he is some sort of answer is just kidding themselves.”

With any luck, I’ll be completely wrong on that last part.  After all, not everyone can see into the future like Christian Ponder can.

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