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Trae Waynes Draft

5.5 hours… On the air…

The first round of the NFL Draft is in the books and thank you all who listed to the LIVE Stream right here on and Vikings Territory. The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings have a 2nd shutdown corner to pair with Xavier Rhodes, Adrian was NOT traded, and Trader Rick did not live up to his name. Even though the first round was a bit… Vanilla… We still had a great time talking Vikings Draft with out fantastic guests and your tweets throughout the show. We chopped up the stream into podcast form. Thanks for listening and making Purple FTW! possible!

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NFL Mock Draft 2015 Brent
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It’s everyone’s favorite day of the year!

Thousands and thousands of man hours have been dedicated to the next few days for every team in the NFL. Personally, I’ve dedicated three alone to updating this mock draft for the final time just before today’s festivities.

Though the draft is impossible to predict, this year feels absolutely futile. After Jameis Winston first overall and Marcus Mariota likely second (to who remains the question), it’s a complete mystery after that. Nevertheless, I wanted to take one last shot on the record.

This mock draft has the Vikings making a decision that’s been talked about since the beginning of the season. Sometimes maybe it’s just as simple as it seems?

Either way, check out the first five picks below and then continue to check out the full thing.

I can’t wait to hang out with everyone tonight on the Draft Live Blog page. Don’t miss it! Between Austin’s live updates, Andy’s live podcast, Lindsey’s live tweets from Winter Park and much more, we’ll have it all covered from pick number one to Mr. Irrelevant.

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1. Tampa Bay (2-14) // Jameis Winston, QB – Florida State

Winston represents the best opportunity to provide the Buccaneers with a franchise quarterback. I say opportunity because Winston is not a sure bet. But despite character concerns being an issue, Winston has the physical attributes to compete at the next level and has the highest ceiling for a quarterback in this class.

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 2. Tennessee (2-14) // Marcus Mariota, QB – Oregon

Part of me says Tennessee will choose to stick with Zach Mettenberger. The other part says Tennessee, or another team at this spot, will take a shot on Mariota. The Titans have done a good job of keeping their intentions unknown in order to maximize potential trade value of their pick. 

 Jacksonville Jaguars Logo
3.  Jacksonville (3-13) // Dante Fowler, Edge – Florida

The Jaguars, who had the least amount of quarterback pressures in 2014, could use an elite prospect that can get after opposing signal callers. Fowler is a sack artist who would fit right in on the Jaguar’s defensive line.

Oakland Raiders Logo
 4. Oakland (3-13) // Leonard Williams, IDL – USC

Interior defensive linemen are quickly becoming one of the most important positions on defense. Pressure from the middle severely hampers quarterback play and is a very effective way to disrupt pass-happy offenses. Leonard Williams, the best prospect in the draft and an elite talent inside could contribute greatly to the Raiders defense.

 Washington Redskins Logo
 5. Washington (4-12) // Amari Cooper, WR – Alabama

Though wide receiver isn’t Washington’s biggest need, Cooper makes sense for the Redskins. Despite Washington’s wide receiver corps being very expensive, they don’t have any elite talent. Pierre Garcon is an above average talent, he is not a top-10 wide receiver and is overpaid. Washington is not going to be contending anytime soon and Cooper could be the core of Washington’s wide receiver group moving forward.


Brett's First 2015 Mock Draft


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The NFL Draft is ALMOST HERE, Vikings fans! *Takes a deep breathe* We’re joined by show favorite Luke Inman (@luke_spinman) of eDraft in the last few days to talk about any last second nuggets or draft developments that hasn’t already been beaten to death by the sports media (Mock Draft #78.9!) in this never ending lead up to the most exciting three days of the NFL Offseason.

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SPOILER: The Vikings End Up with THREE First Round Picks 

Everyone and their mother is on “MOCK DRAFT 79.8!”, but we here at Purple FTW are back with our 2nd Annual “Only Mock Draft! (v1.0)”. Check out how we did last year. We we’re all in on Teddy (took him at #8), so it was a massive win for the Vikings to grab both him AND Barr in the 1st. We whiffed on all the other picks. #YOLO

Enjoy this year’s Only Mock Draft. A full rundown will be posted in a few days because… We want you to listen first! (SPOILER: There are trades. Because Slick Rick gets busy at the Draft like me at Popeyes chicken. #Biscuits)

All that and more on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast! An Andy Carlson Joint.

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