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Saturday’s ICYMI: Zimmer Has Eighth Eye Surgery, Discusses Michael Floyd

VT’s “In Case You Missed It” intends to funnel every news report, the most general of informational notes, and a handful of the best analysis articles about the Minnesota Vikings into one all-encompassing write-up. If you don’t have the time to follow the Purple and Gold as much as you may like, allow Vikings Territory to do the dirty work for you with our catch-all Vikings recap of everything you may have missed.

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Some may remember Chris Kluwe as the former Minnesota Vikings punter who spent eight seasons with the team from 2005-2012. While others may remember Kluwe more for his not-so-quiet exit from Minnesota.

I was lucky enough to talk to the former Vikings punter recently about topics such as the team’s current punting situation, marijuana in the NFL, Colin Kaepernick, and whether or not he will making an appearance at U.S. Bank stadium anytime soon.

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    Less than one week after a disgusting display in San Francisco, your Minnesota Vikings are back in Vikings territory for their home opener and first divisional matchup.

    The 2015 rookie class is getting even less exposure to life in the NFL this week, but our roster is relatively healthy outside of those already known to be out of action, like Phil Loadholt and John Sullivan.

    Austin Belisle has done a great job of explaining the importance Xavier Rhodes has in the outcome of this showdown and I’m looking forward to seeing him line up across from Calvin Johnson. Lindsey Young thinks stretching the field on offense could also be a key to a much-needed victory this week.

    Meanwhile, Brent LaBathe thinks we could see a much different version of Mike Zimmer’s defense this week given that Matt Stafford is far less mobile than Colin Kaepernick. I personally agree with Brent on that aspect and will be mightily disappointed if we don’t see marked improvement on defense this week.

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    The NFL season is on us like white on rice. We’re still three days away from our Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings taking on the San Francisco 4ers (the 9 retired) Monday night at the Field of Jeans, home of Super Bowl Fitty. To get a dual perspective, we got Vincent Frank (@VincentFrankNFL) of eDraft, Yardbarker, and Forbes to stop by and drop some Niner knowledge on us as well as Arif Hasan’s (@ArifHasanNFL) weekly spot talking mostly offensive line issues. 🙁

    Other “The O-Line is Shakier Than a Subpar Pizza Buffet” Talkers Include
    • John Sullivan on IR DFR. What does it mean for the o-line?
    • Jarius Wright got PAID
    • Vikings San Francisco Memories!
    Vincent Frank Talks 49ers
    -What the hell happened the the Niners?
    -Aldon Smith needs help. Ahmad Brooks is a shady dude.
    -What will Tomsula be?
    -Carlos Hyde will become an elite NFL running back.
    -What is a Jarryd Hayne?
    Vincent’s NFL preview on Forbes
    -Can Kaepernick take the next step?
    -Vincent: Adrian will break the single season rushing record in 2015
    -Kaep or Teddy, RIGHT NOW?
    -Niners win on Monday if ________?
    Arif Hasan for his regular Friday spot
    -What was Arif’s nickname growing up?
    -Weight of the Sully injury
    -How will Jeremiah “Amish Paradise” Sirles fit in?
    -Wright was paid why?
    -Vikings have the fastest WR corp in the league
    -Roster breakdown. Surprises?
    -Adrian. Game One. What to expect?
    -Any surprises from Teddy & Norv during the regular season? #VikingsPistol
    -Vikings win on Monday if ________?
    • Hypothetical: What 5 NFL figures do you want with you on a desert island?
    • Four episode week next week!
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    All that and other “See You In Santa Clara” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

    An Andy Carlson Joint.

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    The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings are a mere 5 days away from trekking to the Land of Hippies & Silicon to begin the 2015 season, which will also hopefully end in the Land of Hippies & Silicon. Di Murphy (@DiMurphyMN) makes her weekly pit stop to talk some junk about the the 49ers, Vikings, and especially Cordarrelle. Leslie Frazier gets a random diss as well.

    Other “The Niners Miss Jerome Simpson” Talkers Include
    • Goodell is Incompetent = Water is Wet
    • The Niners black unis are garbage
    • The NFL is like the NCAA and FIFA
    • The only thing that could stop the NFL is game fixing
    • I was on with The Michael Grey Show on 107.3 WBBL yesterday
    • Dramatic Prediction: Who will score the Vikings first TD?
    • The Rooster cuts. What stuck out to you?
    • Sullivan injury concerning? Berger is JAG.
    • The starting middle linebacker is irrelevant
    • #44 is the best linebacker number. Period
    • Scott Studwell looks like Detective Stabler from Law & Order: SVU
    • Di: “Bloggers are professionals.”
    • ANDY knows why you played in the final preseason game, Blanton
    • Robert Blanton is Jose Cuervo…
    • Di goes off on Cordarrelle
    • We Ninerize’d the Vikings (Spoiler: Not so bad)
    • Many of the Niners problems were self inflicted
    • America’s newest favorite game: Niner or Nah?
    • Di battles the comment section warriors
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    All that and other “Gabbert-Watt-Ponder Sandwich” nonsense on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

    An Andy Carlson Joint.

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