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chad greenway

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With the backing of Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway, and a friendly competition between four other great Vikings sites, we still consider our charitable fundraising goal of $10,000 raised by August 22nd to be within reach.

In an attempt to raise those funds for the “Chad’s Locker” program, run by Chad Greenway and the fine folks at his Lead the Way Foundation, we here at Vikings Territory have pulled every trick out of our hat that we could think of to motivate the online Vikings community to lend a huge helping hand to families in need.

So far, in our efforts, we have:

We might have a few more tricks left up our sleeves, and we certainly won’t miss our goal due to a lack of effort, but let’s take a look at where things currently stand.

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(Photo Courtesy of Luke Inman)

Training Camp is a time to figure things out. I have a laundry list of things I want to shake out in Mankato and I’ll rattle a few off on the podcast. We’ll also talk about our production schedule for this week (at least one episode a day!), as well as rough outline of our Mankato adventure this weekend, and us singing the praises of Boulder Tap House. A place ya’ll should come swarm us after each Vikings practice. Do it.

A Few of the 37 Things I Want to Figure Out in Mankato Include
• Nothing about Adrian
• “How does Teddy look?”
• How much does Chad Greenway have left?
• That Zimmer Hellfire Defense in year two.
• Who wins at right guard? Harris – Berger/Yankey/Thompson/Shepherd/ FUSCO?
• With Clemmings staying at tackle, could he be the eventual replacement for Loadholt/Kalil?
• What’s Stefon Diggs gonna be?
• What’s the deal with Spielman’s arms?
• Will Trae Waynes even start as a rookie?
• Cordarelle has one strike left. Will he strike out?
• Tune in for the other 27!

All that and other “Love Me Some Mankato” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

An Andy Carlson Joint.

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    Jaimie Senger has been a patient at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota for a little over three years… but she’s been a Minnesota Vikings fan her whole life.

    “We’re huge Vikings fans,” Senger tells me. “My dad is a big-time fan. He and my uncles and a couple of their buddies bought one of the bricks and put their names on it for the new stadium […] We watch all the Vikings games together.”

    One of Senger’s favorite players to watch is linebacker Chad Greenway—but she loves him for a lot more than his on-field performance. Senger is just one patient that benefits on a daily basis from Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation and more specifically, the Chad’s Locker program.

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    More Than Words Announcement

    We have a goal to raise over $10,000 for Chad Greenway’s Lead the Way Foundation by mid-August. If this is the first you are hearing of the “More Than Words” effort involving VT and four other Vikings sites, then please CLICK HERE to catch yourself up.

    The reader experience always comes first here at Vikings Territory, and the result is a website that never includes any out-of-place sponsored posts or intrusive ads that play audio or video messages. But, if we are going to sell out for anything, then it might as well be for the awesome charitable efforts of Chad Greenway.

    So, to get right to the point, Vikings Territory still intends to reach our $10,000 goal and still intends to “win” the competition (where Daily Norseman currently holds a slight lead) by being the site that raises the most funds. In an effort to just that, we are throwing it out there that we will give away sponsored posts and a month’s worth of sidebar advertising to any business willing to make a donation of $500 or more on behalf of Vikings Territory.

    So, if you run a business that likes to help communities out while also getting your brand in front of thousands of people, then please consider donating to the Lead The Way Foundation today. If you work for a company that you think might be interested in helping us reach our goal, then please tell them about this right away! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding this offer.


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    Image from the Facebook page of Harley Carnes

    This is the slowest period within the NFL calendar, but that doesn’t mean Vikings linebacker Chad Greenway is taking any breaks from being an awesome philanthropist.

    Appearing on the Purple For The Win! Podcast on Tuesday, Greenway alluded to plans for creating a very special day for young Harley Carnes and his family this week, and he certainly followed through in a big, big way.

    Harley was only given a five percent chance of living after being involved in a horrible car accident just one day prior to his ninth birthday. He beat those odds, but is now paralyzed from the neck down, and life will certainly be far more challenging as a result.

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