Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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Minnesota Vikings Training Camp kicked off Saturday at Minnesota State University in Mankato, and lots of interviews took place with coaches and players alike. Head coach Mike Zimmer, entering his second season at the helm of the Viking ship, addressed the media in the afternoon.

Zimmer echoed plenty of fans’ sentiments by expressing his excitement to have the players back together and getting ready for the 2015 season.

“We’ve got a lot of work to do,” Zimmer said, with his always-business-like demeanor. “We have a tough schedule. Hopefully we can come together as a team and accomplish some things that we want to get done.”

The sophomore coach acknowledged the benefit of having one year under his belt and an increased level of comfort not only with being a head coach but also with communication and understanding between himself and general manager Rick Spielman.

Naturally, one of the first questions directed toward Zimmer surrounded running back Adrian Peterson and his feelings on being back with the team. Zimmer met the questions with a faint air of impatience, which isn’t surprising considering the drawn-out situation.

You’d have to ask [Adrian] those questions yourself,” Zimmer said, “but as far as myself, I think it’s great for both sides. I think we’ve both expressed our opinions on everything, and like I’ve said a million times, Adrian’s always been great with me, and that’s all I care about—trying to do the best for him, and I think he feels the same way about me.

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If there is a reason it took so long for Mike Zimmer to become an NFL head coach, Vikings fans don’t know what it is. Zimmer has a talented roster in front of him as training camp gets underway, but Zimmer recently named three of the best players he has ever coached in a video with Brian Murphy, and none of them are current Vikings… or even current players.

Who are the three that Zimmer named?

Well, check it out below or watch the video above. Your choice!

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The arrival of the Minnesota Vikings in Mankato for training camp marked what many die-hards consider the start of the 2015 NFL season. Players were met by swarms of media members and hoards of purple faithful.

One player that actually said something of significance upon arrival was second-year linebacker Anthony Barr who had his impressive rookie season submarined by a knee injury.

Barr told reporters that he is “just about” at 100% health, but will probably ease his way into the training camp activities just to play it safe.

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Former Minnesota Vikings wide out Bernard Berrian recently found his home, on multiple occasions, missing some valuable possessions that belonged there.

Berrian estimated that he was previously burglarized to the tune of about $30,000 and that prompted him to install a home surveillance system that he could monitor from anywhere. While attending a social function with his good friend and former teammate at Fresno State, Therrian Fontenot.

Fontenot then left the barbecue and that is when Berrian got the surprising conclusion to his mystery.

“Boom, motion sensor went off,” Berrian told abc30. “I get an email, so I click on the live cam.”

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I know he is now three teams removed from being a Minnesota Viking, but for this hack blogger that named his dog after the 2009 Offensive Rookie of the Year, I can’t help but keep tabs on Percy Harvin’s NFL career.

Harvin left the Vikings via trade with a cloud of rumors and reports hanging over his head that indicated he was a bigger headache than the organization was willing to put up with. Then he was traded away from Seattle under suspiciously similar circumstances.

The reputation Harvin carries with him earned him the award of being Sports Illustrated‘s “most hated player in the locker room.”

“Seattle traded him to the Jets shortly after, and there weren’t a lot of unhappy folks in the Seahawks’ locker room when that happened,” reads the article.

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