Monday, January 22, 2018

Ryan Ramcyzk | OT, Wisconsin


Height: 6’6″

Weight: 314 pounds

Projected Round

Mid-Late 1st Round


Technique: Ramczyk’s technique, both on the ground and in pass protection, are among the best, if not the best, in this class. In 2016, he didn’t block like a player who had no former Division I experience.

Several fundamental aspects go into evaluating an offensive tackle’s technique; his awareness of the quarterback, his ability to stay on his toes, and his quickness to get into a stance after the snap, to name a few. But for Ramczyk, one technical trait jumps out immediately. When he’s drafted in April, Ramczyk will instantly be one of the NFL’s most patient left tackles. Patience doesn’t initially sound like a trait for a left tackle, but for one with Ramczyk’s athleticism (more on that later), patience can be used to gain a significant advantage over a pass rusher.


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Helping you endure Sunday's games.

The Vikings season may be a distant and bitter memory, but that doesn’t mean we have to turn our backs on the rest of the NFL slate. Let’s not let our purple angst cause us to miss out on one of the greatest weekends on the schedule: championship weekend, where the talent is abundant, the stakes are high, and we as Vikings fans have no rooting interest, and thus no risk of feeling the pain and anger we invite into our lives each week during the regular season. (Except for the game involving that team across the border, of course, which I promise we’ll get to.)

But here’s the problem: for those of us who bleed purple, watching these games that do not feature our beloved squad can be a little confusing. We’re like a puppy that’s lost its way, or a man without a home; who do we root for? What do we get mad about? And what does it all mean?

For this, I give you this guide, created by the Vikings fan, for the Vikings fan. In it, I’ll counsel you through this weekend’s matchups, helping you decide who to root for and generally telling you how to feel about what will take place on your television Sunday afternoon. Let’s get to it!

Three Questions

Tom Moore on U.S. Bank Stadium, Vikings Alumni, and the Minnesota Offense
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A familiar face roams the pathways of Mankato each year, and his name is Tom Moore. Known best for his training camp interviews and one-on-one spots in the Minnesota Vikings locker room, Tom is a longstanding member of the Vikings media community and recognizable name at

He took some time after a busy season of videography to catch up with Adam Warwas as part of Vikings Territory’s “Three Questions” series of posts. Today, we learned plenty about Minnesota’s most famous alumni, the beauty of U.S. Bank Stadium, and the potential of the Vikings offense in 2017.

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Different Paths to Minnesota
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Minnesota Vikings fans didn’t need to hear Mike Zimmer call Teddy Bridgewater “the nicest kid in the world” to know the truth.

Long before Zimmer effused praise on his then-starting quarterback, those following the team knew exactly what they were getting in Bridgewater in 2014; a top quarterback, an exceptional leader, and above all, a genuinely excellent human being.

For every success on the field – from his days as a four-star recruit to star quarterback for the Lousiville Cardinals – Bridgewater shined off it. His infectious smile, the heartwarming story of his mother’s victory over breast cancer, and his natural likability made him the perfect fit in quarterback-starved Minnesota.

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About the Labor: A Minnesota Vikings Podcast — Episode 39

Logo designed by Steve Danielson

BJ Reidell and Drew Mahowald take a look back at Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman’s draft history, outline multiyear trends, take a very early look at a few different ways the team can maximize the return of its 2017 draft and introduce their new close-out segment Skol Spin — RESERVE YOUR SPIN TODAY!


  • Spielman’s role differential from 2006-11 vs. 2012-present.
  • Spielman’s intrigue with selecting athletic marvels during the middle rounds.
  • Zimmer’s influence on the Vikings’ draft strategy.
  • Discussing how many offensive linemen the team should select on Day of the draft.
  • Analysis of Spielman’s issues drafting offensive linemen and where this problem stems from.
  • The guys introduce their new sign-out segment “Skol Spin“, with BJ attempting to find “good” in the Green Bay Packers’ last-second victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

Note: We apologize for the static; our microphones took the Packers’ win over the Cowboys pretty hard