Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Readers of the site expect the Minnesota Vikings to win on Sunday, and for good reason; the Vikings have won five straight and are favored in every game through the end of the season, per Five Thirty-Eight.

Obviously, opinions on Vikings Territory are skewed in favor of Mike Zimmer’s team, but that may change this morning. In continuing with tradition, we’ve invited Brent Cohen of Eagles Rewind to answer a few questions for “Know They Enemy.”

As the creator and editor of Eagles Rewind, Brent’s a proponent of objective analysis when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s also got his JD/MBA from Wharton Law School, so we can fully expect a convincing argument for an Eagles victory on Sunday. Check out Brent’s answers after the jump!

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The midway point of the fantasy football season is almost upon us and anyone who owns a current Minnesota Vikings player likely is not jumping for joy over their recent performances. While it is great that the team is 5-0 this season, the skill players on the Vikings’ roster have been far from fantasy superstardom as of late.

For the people who own wide receiver Stefon Diggs or tight end Kyle Rudolph, those smiles from early in the year have quickly faded away. Hopes and dreams for these players may have to wait another week as they will be facing one of the NFL’s top ranked defenses this season in the Philadelphia Eagles.

But the one thing about fantasy football that makes it so great are the player performances that seem to come out of nowhere (Adam Thielen owners know all about this). Do any skill players on Minnesota’s roster have the potential for a big day this weekend?

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Written by Adam’s wife, Danielle

Time to get back to the grind for the Vikings!

The team had last week off which means they should be completely rested and ready to move forward with this winning season.

This week the Vikings are playing the Eagles.  Previously the Eagles were one of the undefeated teams in competition with the Vikings. Since then, the Eagles have lost two games and I think everyone can agree with me that there is no way they will be able to take down the Vikings! This winning streak must continue.

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It has only been a two weeks, but it seems like forever since the last time the Minnesota Vikings took the field. Well believe it or not, they are still undefeated and will be trying to start a season 6-0 for the first time since 2009 this weekend against the Philadelphia Eagles.

This matchup was a little more interesting two weeks ago when the Eagles were also undefeated, but it still remains pretty intriguing at the very least. Vikings quarterback Sam Bradford will be facing the team that traded him away less than two months ago and that itself is enough for anyone to get excited about this game.

Minnesota is 1-1 under head coach Mike Zimmer coming off of a bye week, losing on the road to the Chicago Bears in 2014. The matchup this Sunday is also on the road, so it will be interesting to see how the Vikings respond after having a few extra days to be lazy on the couch.

In case Zimmer and his staff forgot to go over anything before this weekend’s game, below are a few things that Minnesota must make sure they emphasize during their time in Philadelphia Sunday.

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Minnesota Vikings - Philadelphia Eagles

The Minnesota Fightin’ Vikings return to action Sunday in the City of Brotherly Throwing D-Batteries at Santa Claus taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. To fill us in on the cheesesteak shotgunning jabronis is Alexis Chassen of Bleeding Green Nation.

We chatted about The Sam Bradford Bowl, if Carson Wentz is the real deal, could this be a potential playoff preview, and how we things playing out Sunday in a matchup of solid defenses.

All that and other “SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK KINDA SUCKED” chatter on this edition of the Purple FTW! Podcast!

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