As Arif pointed out today, the powerhouse analytics website Pro Football Focus released depth charts for NFL teams that used colors and their analysis to show where the talent was for each team.  They base their rankings off of their own numbers, and talent will always be something up for debate, but the Vikings actually fared pretty well.

If you look at their depth chart for the Vikings and compare them to the other NFC North teams (all the depth charts can be found here) you will see that the Vikings have more starters listed as being above the “average” category than any other team in the North.  I hate ever bragging about being some sort of offseason champion, but it is at least nice to see that someone is noticing we have a talented roster, and that evidence could lead to a quick turnaround.

How quick?  Well, you tell me.  Use our Poll of the Week to let me know just where you think the Vikings currently sit within their own division at the moment.