Gradings company Pro Football Focus has released their projected depth chart for the Minnesota Vikings, and other than projecting rookie Teddy Bridgewater as the starter (which would be great), it’s not too different from the one I created a few weeks ago.

2014-depth-MINThey list their reasons for their colors at the piece they have up on their website.

For what it’s worth, I see Sullivan as an elite center, and Everson Griffen as at least a “good starter” if not “high quality.” Both Kurt Coleman and Jasper Brinkley as someone a little worse than what they say. Other than that, there’s a fairly large consensus between the two of us.

Linval Joseph and Phil Loadholt’s rankings are a bit more dependent on how you choose to isolate their categories. If Loadholt were compared to all right tackles, he’d be elite. If Linval Joseph were compared exclusively to 4-3 nose tackles, my guess is he’d be high-quality.