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Adrian Peterson got into some trouble for allegedly fighting with members of the Houston Police Department, but that isn’t going to deter him from fighting with team officials that may try to put him on the PUP list, sidelining him during training camp.

“I’m going to lobby to get out there. I feel like I can participate a little bit,” Peterson said in Mankato on Thursday.  “”It’s going to be their call. My main focus is just getting out there and trying to get myself ready. To be honest with you, I’m going to try to fight against (PUP) so I can get out there and be involved. Ultimately, I know these guys are going to do what’s best for this team.”

Head Coach Leslie Frazier indicated that he would talk to Peterson late on Thursday and discuss how the rehab is going.  Frazier reiterated that the team plans to include doctors and trainers in the process of deciding what the immediate plan should be for Peterson.

Peterson again insisted that he did nothing wrong during his altercation in Houston, and expressed confidence that the truth will come out in his favor.

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Leslie Frazier’s first year as head coach of the Minnesota Vikings was arguably the worst season for any head coach in the history of the franchise.

This year, with the lockout in the rear view mirror, provides some hope, however, that Frazier and the Vikings will be able to utilize a full offseason to fully implement their plan to improve.  That plan, as Frazier alludes to, centers on getting all of the roster additions up to speed.

“We have a lot of work to do, as well all know,” Frazier said. “We have a lot of new faces that are going to be on our football team that are going to be starting for us and playing for us, so as a staff one of the things we’ve talked about and leading up to training camp some of the things we’ve talked about were developing the young players on our football team and trying to get those guys to be ready for that Jacksonville game and to help us throughout the season.”

“And then just working to improve throughout training camp,” Frazier continued.  “That’s the goal, to try to improve every single day in some phase. If we can do that, we’re hoping everything can come together and we can get off to a good start and have a good football season. We have a lot of work to do, but we’re excited to be down here to kickoff the 2012 season.”

On Thursday, the Vikings took care of some administrative stuff and player physicals, and Friday morning will feature a walk through with the first practice coming in the afternoon.

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When I wrote my list of the top five stores to follow during the Vikings offensive practices during training camp, I neglected to include the monitoring of the “Percy Harvin Situation” that caused us some heartburn a while back.

That is because I considered it a (temporarily) dead issue after Harvin essentially promised Vikings fans, via his Twitter account, that he would report to camp without any further drama.

Apparently, that is the case.

Harvin reported to camp with little fanfare and no drama.

Jerome Simpson could possibly open training camp as a starter today, across from Percy Harvin, after impressing just about everyone that was paying attention during offseason workouts and drills.

The issue there, however, is that we all know that Simpson will not start the regular season as a starter due to his three game suspension.

“I’ll be fresh coming back after those three weeks,” Simpson told the Pioneer Press.

Not only will Simpson miss the first three weeks, he will also gradually be losing reps as training camp grinds on, according to Leslie Frazier.  The plan has to include getting some other guys some reps with the first team so that the Vikings can plan for someone else taking on a starting role during those first three weeks.

Simpson sounds eager to make his Minnesota debut in week four, however, and prove that he hasn’t hit his ceiling as an NFL receiver.

“A lot of people are saying we have a weak (receiving) corps,” Simpson said. “We can prove them wrong.  I just want to bring something here that hasn’t been here before, and I think ya’ll know what that is. A Super Bowl (title). That’s my No. 1 goal.”

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I don’t have much to say about this other than it is one the best things I have read at Access Vikings in about two years, and one of the better quotes from training camp so far.

Here is what Mark Craig wrote in a recent notebook-style post on the first day in Mankato:

Rookie kicker Blair Walsh has yet to prove his confidence on the field. But he’s nailing it when it comes to answering pesky reporters who want to nag him about replacing a steady longtime NFL veteran (Ryan Longwell) a year after missing 14 of 35 field goal attempts at the University of Georgia. “[Longwell] was a big part of the organization and I wish him the best in the future. But I’m here to work and get better each and every day … and move on.” Yeah, but what about the nerves? “I can’t think of it that way. I just have to think about having fun out there and doing what I’ve been doing since my freshman year in high school.” Yeah, but what about all the pesky reporters and possibly teammates who will be judging your every move? “It’s not that big a deal,” Walsh said. “You’re an NFL player and if people want to look at you and see how you’re doing, that’s fine with me. That’s part of the job description. I’m looking forward to it.” Yeah, but what’s the biggest adjustment for you? “Getting used to questions from you guys,” said Walsh, calmly and with a smile.

Well done, young man.  Well done.

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