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The Vikings picked Tuesday to get a lot of work out of the way in signing their rookie class.

We already mentioned that the Vikings signed their two seventh rounders in a post earlier today.  Now, the number of rookies under contract has grown to seven.

Fourth round receivers out of Arkansas have both signed their deals along with fourth round tight end Rhett Ellison.  Safety Robert Blanton and kicker Blair Walsh have also signed.

First round picks Matt Kalil and Harrison Smith should be signing soon, along with third round cornerback Josh Robinson, thus completing the process of signing the entire draft class.

Long gone are the days of rookie holdouts, which is one of the most visible improvements from the last CBA to the current one.

It bugs us.

It shouldn’t, but it does.

The Vikings seem to always be the last to re-sign their own free agents and also always seem to be behind the curve when it comes to getting their draft selections under contract.

With the new Collective Bargaining Agreement including a rookie wage scale that greatly simplifies the process of signing rookies, these negotiations are much less volatile and we should not be worried, as fans, about whether or not our entire rookie class will be present for training camp.

They will be.

Still, it is newsworthy that the Vikings have finally started signing their rookie class. 

The signings have started with two seventh round picks, defensive end Trevor Guyton and linebacker Audie Cole, and there are likely more that will follow soon.

All rookies drafted from rounds two through seven will sign four year deals under the new CBA.  First rounders have a fifth year option.

It is early.  I repeat:  It is early.  I know this, I understand this… I get it.

Still, we could continue to beat ourselves up over the gory stadium details and fret about rookie contracts that are not (and never will be) a problem, or we can have some fun around here.  Of course, we could probably do all of that, but I’m feeling kind of lazy tonight so I’ll just stick to the fun stuff.

After the jump, I’m going to take a look at the 89 guys on the roster and attempt to predict (again, I know, it is early) the 53 man roster on opening day.  Feel free to give me your feedback, whether it is nice or not, in the comments section.


Between now and the season opener, the Minnesota media will follow a very specific formula to make sure their sports pages are still interesting despite the relatively boring period of time that is the middle of the offseason.

I am, of course, referring to the strategy creating a scattershot of “fluff” pieces that will profile a player, perhaps give us a snapshot of their personal history, and leave us all with a hopeful message:  This guy could be the answer at his respective position.

I’m not saying these articles don’t serve a worthwhile purpose, and aren’t interesting to those of us that love our Vikings football, but I just want to help you temper your expectations by reminding you that these articles come and go every year.  Sometimes the player turns out to be a nobody (i.e. Logan Payne) and sometimes the player actually does become a contributor (i.e. Marcus Sherels) despite the stacked odds.

I’m not trying to be the poster child of pessimism.  Rather, I am just trying to keep your expectations in check, as it is always a dangerous time when the hopes of Vikings fans begin to rise.

Okay, so with all of that said, I want to highlight some stories about the pre-camp Vikings and how they are doing.  After the jump.

The Vikings roster now has only one vacant spot.

On Friday, the team signed former Chicago offensive tackle Levi Horn.  At age 25, Horn stands at 6’ 7” and weighs 315 pounds.  He was a redshirt freshman at Oregon before transferring to Montana with hopes of getting more playing time.  In 2010, he went undrafted and signed with the Bears as a free agent.

Horn spent most of his time on Chicago’s practice squad but was put on the active roster in November last season.  The Bears waived him earlier this week.

According to his Wikipedia page, Horn is an active member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and is a spokesman for the White House’s “Let’s Move!” campaign.

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