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As many expected, the Vikings have reportedly received two fourth round compensatory Draft selections in the upcoming Draft.

The picks were awarded after the Vikings lost Sidney Rice and Ray Edwards to free agency last offseason.  They will get the 33rd and 39th selections of the fourth round.

Compensatory picks cannot be traded, so the fourth round is sure to be one of high importance for the Vikings as they search for depth and sleepers in this year’s class.

The Vikings landed offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz in free agency, but that doesn’t mean they are done looking for improvements.

Tom Compton from South Dakota will take part in a pre-Draft visit with the Vikings.  Compton has been a four year starter, a two-time captain, and is projected as a mid-round pick in April.

At 6’ 5” and 314 pounds, Compton displayed a good skill set at his Pro Day and also posted a 5.11 forty yard dash at the NFL’s Scouting Combine.

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This morning, the Vikings agreed to a one-year deal with ex-Bears cornerback Zackary Bowman. Bowman, 27, has been in the NFL for four seasons but has not been a starter for all of them. In fact, the ‘veteran’ cornerback has only started in 16 games (playing in 46 total). His best stint was during the 2009 season when he managed to grab six interceptions.

While Bowman wasn’t a starter in Chicago, that doesn’t mean he won’t be with the Vikings. With the Vikings depleted secondary, it’s likely that Bowman could see a good amount of playing time. Overall, though, this move seems to be more about adding depth at a position of need and hoping to find value in a young player (it is a minimum deal with no guaranteed money).



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Day fourteen of our Community Mock Draft saw the Dallas Cowboys select Stanford guard David DeCastro by a fairly overwhelming majority.

Up next is the “Dream Team” from Philadelphia.

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I always think it takes a big man to admit his mistakes.

On Sunday, Rick Spielman earned a point or two in my book by admitting that it was his mistake to sign defensive tackle Remi Ayodele following the NFL Lockout last offseason.

“That’s something where we made a mistake,” Spielman said, “and I’ll put that on me making a mistake, as far as making sure that the players that we sign fit the scheme that we’re trying to run.”

Ayodele was cut by the Vikings on March 21st, only hours after the NFL announced its plan to punish the New Orleans Saints and management involved in the “BountyGate” scandal.  Ayodele, of course, was a member of the Saints during the time under scrutiny, placed a very questionable hit on Brett Favre during the 2009 NFC Championship Game, and may face a suspension as a result.

Spielman, however, says that “BountyGate” had nothing to do with the decision to release him and instead was a result of him not fitting the scheme.

“It had nothing to do with the other circumstances,” Spielman said of Ayodele’s release.  “This was purely based on a decision that didn’t live up to the billing and how he would fit into the scheme like we thought he would. Then, when we were able to sign Letroy back and Fred Evans back, we felt those guys were a better fit in what we were trying to do defensively than what Remi was for us last year.”

It was reported last season that it was Spielman’s decision to bring in Ayodele while Head Coach Leslie Frazier preferred to see long-time Viking Pat Williams return.  Ayodele was ultimately signed to a three year deal worth up to $9 million.

Just prior to Ayodele’s release, the Vikings re-signed Letroy Guion and Fred Evans and hope to see them take command of the nose tackle position moving forward.

It is inevitable that an NFL General Manager is going to make mistakes.  It is a rarity to hear one actually admit to it.  The best thing Spielman can do, however, is to learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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