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NFL fan and writer for your Minnesota Vikings. I've been a fan of the Vikings since a was a child, and love analyzing their every move! Currently a student at the university of Minnesota studying Computer Science and Data Science.

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Reinforcements Hit the
Jan 17, 2023
The Vikings lost what amounted to an offensive shootout on Sunday, with Minnesota’s defense offering virtually no resistance to Daniel
Was Totally Snubbed
Jan 17, 2023
The Vikings season ended with a frustrating loss to the New York Giants — frustrating because the Vikings were favored
Anonymous Exec Takes Shot at Kirk Cousins
Jan 14, 2023
ESPN released their playoff QB rankings this week, ranking every QB who shall have the honor of playing this postseason.
Smith Unveils
Jan 13, 2023
Football is a team game. Many say the ultimate team game, and for a successful playoff run, the Minnesota Vikings
Jan 12, 2023
Dalvin Cook has been an amazing weapon and asset for the Minnesota Vikings for as long as he has been