The P/PTSD Perspective: QB to Avoid in RD1, Tank Time, & The Surprise Firing

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PurplePTSD works in partnership with Vikings Territory, similarly doing their utmost to offer top-notch coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. As a result, we’re promoting five of their top articles of the past week in “The P/PTSD Perspective.” Take a peek at some of their best stuff.

The P/PTSD Perspective: January 13th, 2024

1) The QB the Vikings Must Avoid in the 1st Round: No matter what, the Vikings can’t reach simply because the quarterback position is vitally important. Yes, landing a franchise QB is every new GM’s goal, but choosing a bust isn’t going to help the Vikings to succeed. If someone isn’t worth the draft slot, then Kwesi Adofo-Mensah would be much further along picking a corner, edge rusher, offensive tackle, or defensive tackle who is.

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2) Tank Time? More Bad News Arrives for Vikings’ Health Ahead of Week 18: Pretty good chance that if the playoff odds were a bit more optimistic, Minnesota’s players would have pushed to play. The actual reality was a complete Hail Mary to get into the playoffs, so the Vikings were wise to ensure players didn’t make their injuries worse. Plus, the draft position improved.

3) A Surprise Coach Firing Could Benefit the Vikings: Been some wild news developing on this front, folks. Some excellent coaches have gotten fired — Bill Belichick, Mike Vrabel, Pete Carroll — so there are a variety of spots to be monitoring in the coming days and weeks.

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4) 5 Predictions for the Minnesota Vikings’ Offseason: Ah, yes, prediction time. In truth, the full calendar offers plenty of opportunity for making guesses and prophecies, but the transition moments are the ones that can spark the predictive desire. Give it a read to see what’s going to happen for the Vikings in the offseason months (or, at least, a guess for what will happen).

5) Three Decisions Quickly Became Mistakes for the 2023 Minnesota Vikings: The GM hasn’t been perfect, folks. The reality, though, is that Kwesi has done a mixture of good things and bad things. One thing is certain: the Marcus Davenport signing did not work out as anyone had hoped.

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Enjoy the extra reading, Vikings fans.

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