Minnesota Madness — Round 4: Justin Jefferson and Josh Metellus Battle for the Season’s Top Play

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Just as the pass rusher is the enemy of the quarterback, so too is the defensive back the enemy of the receiver.

Maybe it’s fitting, then, that the final round of Minnesota Madness features safety Josh Metellus squaring off with receiver Justin Jefferson. The pair are homegrown talents with a “C” on their chests. Both get plenty of praise for putting up wild statistics and each one functions as a cornerstone player for their side of the ball.

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And, crucially, both made magnificent plays. For our purposes in Minnesota Madness, the excellent plays are what count.

Readers are once again shoved into a ballot box with a simple instruction: pick whichever play you think is best within the matchup. The poll is included between the video clip. Collectively, the participating readers across PurplePTSD and Vikings Territory will be deciding which play gets named as the best of the 2023 Minnesota Vikings season.

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Take a few moments to watch the videos. Afterwards, jump into the tournament by picking a preferred play in the polls. Round 4 reaches its end on Tuesday, March 12th at 12 p.m.

Minnesota Madness — Round 4 (a.k.a All the Marbles)

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