Justin Jefferson’s New Show Gets a Trailer

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The Minnesota Vikings paid Justin Jefferson a substantial amount of money this offseason. He wound up signing the most lucrative deal any non-quarterback had ever landed. In doing so, his superstar status only took another step forward. With Netflix’s new docuseries Receiver set to launch next month, his hype will continue to rise.

Justin Jefferson’s New Show Gets a Trailer

Vikings fans are being treated to another intimate look into the life of one of their own. Following Kirk Cousins’ feature on the Quarterback docuseries, Netflix decided to follow that offering by focusing on pass catchers. While the show isn’t just geared toward Jefferson, he will be among the names shadowed and highlighted, focusing on the 2023 season.

Set to release on July 10, we were given a tease as to what to expect from the show. Originally revealed in March, it has been just three months of waiting, and now we have more answers. A treat before training camp kicks off next month, Receiver will bring plenty of excitement during an otherwise dead period during the NFL offseason.

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There should be plenty of intrigue for Jefferson, specifically as he suffered an injury for the first time in his career. Dealing with that level of adversity and also having to handle different quarterbacks throwing him passes on a seemingly weekly basis, there is plenty to be intrigued by. Netflix did a great job with the Quarterback offering, and fans should be excited about getting another look behind the curtain.

On Sundays, Jefferson is as electric as they come. His personality shows up in a big way from the moment he emerges from the tunnel. Vikings fans will be given a more intimate look as to who the player off the field is, and it’s another opportunity to connect with a player beyond just what is seen on the football field.

Justin Jefferson Can Still
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Quarterback drew rave reviews and was a binge-worthy offering when it debuted on Netflix. Thinking Receiver should be more of the same is a pretty straightforward bet. Jefferson couldn’t be less similar to Cousins as it appears on the surface, and having something of polar opposites to watch in this fashion will be exciting.

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