Is the Vikings’ Next QB Already in the NFL?

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The Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins continue their game of chicken with one another. At some point, one side will have demanded too much, or the other will decide the value isn’t there and walk away. If they move on, could the successor already be employed by an NFL team?

Is the Vikings’ Next QB Already in the NFL?

While the most straightforward addition at the quarterback position is to use the early draft capital to grab their guy, there are alternatives. As deep as the current draft class is, a substantial amount of quarterbacks could be on the move before next season. Bridge quarterbacks are often considered well-established veterans who can be brought in for a short time. Those exist, but some players could also represent a level of commitment.

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The most expensive of these would be the Denver Broncos’ Russell Wilson. He was signed to a massive extension after being acquired from the Seattle Seahawks, and it seems all but certain that Jarrett Stidham will replace him. Wilson isn’t close to the quarterback he was during the height of Pete Carroll’s career, but his being as bad as he has looked in his new digs seems also somewhat unlikely. Wilson may benefit from a change of scenery, and though he isn’t the scrambler he once was, there may be enough there to make it work for a couple of years.

Beyond the long-term veteran, a couple of younger players offer varying degrees of intrigue. Justin Fields and Desmond Ridder are probably on the outs for their current teams. With the Chicago Bears and Atlanta Falcons in line for new quarterbacks, the holdovers may be on the table. Fields has definitely looked better as he has developed, and while Ridder never really flashed a reason for confidence, the Falcons’ former brain trust could be part of what held him back. Both players should be on the table if Minnesota is interested in dealing for one of them.

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There is also Trey Lance, the former starter for the San Francisco 49ers before Brock Purdy took over. He was sent to the Dallas Cowboys last year, but Dak Prescott isn’t going anywhere, and Lance is probably worthy of a starting role. Minnesota could have used him as a better backup than Nick Mullens last year, and he would have gotten a significant amount of run with all of the injuries at the position. Maybe the Vikings have an interest in his services.

Drew Lock and Sam Darnold don’t jump out as starting caliber at this stage, even if they are younger while hitting free agency. Baker Mayfield is expected to return for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he could be somewhat of a depressed cost on the open market due to his past performance. Beyond that, the free agent landscape is largely filled with the traditional bridge types in the form of Marcus Mariota, Ryan Tannehill, Jacoby Brissett, Gardner Minshew, and Joe Flacco.

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There is no question that the Vikings have to get the quarterback position right. Finding the right guy through the draft would be ideal, but if they opt against that, it would seem that differing degrees of options exist.

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