Jaren Hall’s Job Security May Be Suspect

Minnesota Vikings QB Jaren Hall addressed the media from the TCO Performance Center on Wednesday. Hall makes his first career start on Sunday, November 5th, at the Atlanta Falcons and is the first Vikings to make a first-ever start at quarterbacks since Teddy Bridgewater in 2014.

The Minnesota Vikings drafted a quarterback in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft when they took J.J. McCarthy at 10th overall. Jaren Hall was the rookie a season ago, and despite being a late-round pick, he found himself thrust into game action after Kirk Cousins went down with an injury. Now, it’s possible he doesn’t even wind up on the Vikings roster for 2024.

Jaren Hall’s Job Security May Be Suspect

With J.J. McCarthy as the quarterback of the future, Kevin O’Connell’s goal is to develop his rookie quarterback as soon as possible. The more prepared the Michigan product is to take over when he first lines up under center, the better. If that can happen sooner rather than later, then it would be indicative of the work done by the head coach and those paid to support him. Ultimately, it’s possible, maybe even logical, that McCarthy doesn’t for Week 1. If he doesn’t, working as the third quarterback makes sense, and room for Jaren Hall is then confusing.

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Nick Mullens is a backup in the National Football League. That has been proven almost every single time he has started under center. He is capable of stepping in if a team is stretched, and he understands how to command an offense at the highest level. He just isn’t going to bring a high level of success, and that’s something you’ll live with as you aren’t worried about impacting his future growth.

By not starting McCarthy, you’d be protecting him from being thrown in before he’s ready. A similar reality is present for Hall. He very clearly wasn’t ready last season, and you can’t really fault him for being in that position. By rostering him in 2024, though, you’d almost certainly be putting him in the same exact scenario he already failed at.

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There is no way the Vikings carry four quarterbacks on the 53-man roster. Placing Hall on the practice squad is a possibility, and that’s probably the place he belongs to show any semblance of a future in the NFL. He was already exposed a year ago, and to what extent he can be believed to return from that is where Minnesota will decide on his future.

Sam Darnold is a logical backup to J.J. McCarthy. At some point, McCarthy will be a logical starter at the NFL level. Jaren Hall doesn’t factor into the equation on either side, so his time may quickly be cut short.

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