Diggs the Diva Does It Again

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The Minnesota Vikings were obviously ecstatic to move on from Stefon Diggs, given the result landed them Justin Jefferson. The Buffalo Bills aren’t as lucky, considering the return they just got for the wide receiver.

Diggs the Diva Does it Again

After Diggs decided he was done in Minnesota and didn’t want to play with Kirk Cousins or Adam Thielen anymore, he forced the Vikings’ hand. Of course, general manager Rick Spielman made out pretty well in the deal, and while there were reasons he needed to be let go, that was not among them.

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For some time now, Diggs has been relatively vocal about his desire to play elsewhere. It seemed as though the relationships in Buffalo had soured, and when he was moved on Wednesday, he again got his wish. Going from Josh Allen to C.J. Stroud is a solid move on the quarterback front, and he’ll bolster a great group of offensive talent for the Houston Texans.

What will certainly be interesting is to see how things work out for both sides. Diggs now must work with a young quarterback. Although Stroud looked impressive in year one, it should be expected that there will still be hiccups. He also must share targets with young wideouts Nico Collins and Tank Dell. Each looked sharp on their own last season, and though Diggs is a proven veteran, their reps shouldn’t simply go away.

On the flip side, Buffalo is left searching for answers. Diggs and Gabriel Davis departing in the same offseason is a huge blow. Adding Curtis Samuel and Mack Hollins isn’t exactly earth-shattering, and now Josh Allen is left with depleted options. Diggs took a shot at Allen just hours before he was dealt, and we’ll now find out if the quarterback can be as successful without his top option.

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Moving to Texas is a come-up for Diggs because he is now closer to his brother Trevon. While the defensive Diggs plays for the Dallas Cowboys, the pair certainly have much less distance separating them at this point. The siblings will match up at some point during the 2024 schedule, and the wideout will also see his former team at his new home stadium as well.

As has been the case with Diggs for some time, it seems to be just a matter of time before he finds something to have an issue with. Houston hopes that time doesn’t come while they employ him.

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