Colts’ Trolling of Vikings Goes Sideways

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The Minnesota Vikings unveiled their Winter Warrior alternate uniforms on Thursday, and the fanbase welcomed them with praise. Oddly, a former adversary chimed in on social media, and the Indianapolis Colts opened themselves up to be eviscerated.

Colts’ Trolling of Vikings Goes Sideways

Minnesota Vikings fans have been clamoring for a white alternate uniform that incorporates a white helmet for years. It’s hard to argue against the execution of the Winter Warrior design that will be worn against the Chicago Bears during Week 15 of the 2024 NFL season. The Indianapolis Colts decided to insert themselves into the conversation, though.

Of course, the Colts have worn predominantly white uniforms for the entirety of their franchise, and while they experienced highs while Peyton Manning was playing for them, they have also experienced significant lows. Among them was a colossal collapse, which resulted in a loss against the Minnesota Vikings while leading 33-0.

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Trolling on social media is often left to accounts with no picture, discernable background, or true value. The Colts’ official account got involved on Thursday, though, and their social media admin decided that dumping on Minnesota’s new threads was a good idea. Appropriately, they were met by an eviscerating amount of blowback.

Quoted hundreds of times only to be dunked on, and despite reaching more than 125,000 views, it’s hard to argue the Colts account didn’t make themselves look silly. The Vikings can accomplish that on the field in the season ahead. Although they won’t have the white Winter Warrior uniforms, a Week 9 home matchup at U.S. Bank Stadium looms.

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Anthony Richardson will be back and healthy this season, and the Vikings are set to face him with either Sam Darnold or J.J. McCarthy under center. They will almost certainly be considered the underdog in that matchup, even with the game being at home, but it would be nice to see the better-looking white jersey put an opponent in their place.

The Colts admin woke up this morning and chose violence, but it’s hard to argue that it delivered anything meaningful in response.

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