What Can Justin Jefferson Accomplish in 5 Years?

The 'Other' Important Race for Justin Jefferson
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The Minnesota Vikings have been focused on their quarterback position all offseason. While they added Sam Darnold, drafting a franchise cornerstone makes sense after Kirk Cousins’s departure. The other big headline has been surrounding Justin Jefferson’s assumed payday. If it is as reported, then what can he accomplish over five years?

What Can Justin Jefferson Accomplish in 5 Years?

There is no reason to believe the Minnesota Vikings will actually part ways with Justin Jefferson. He is among the best players in the NFL and will be compensated accordingly. Assuming the $150 million price tag, the franchise will have its wideout locked in for the next five seasons. The former LSU star is just 24 years old and has already played four NFL seasons. By the time he wraps up his rookie deal, he will be among the most decorated young players in league history.

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Jefferson would have already accumulated more than 6,000 receiving yards if he had avoided injury last season. He has found the end zone 30 times in his career and led the league in receiving yardage two seasons ago. Expected to come in healthy for 2024, and with a new contract paying into his bank account, he should be able to rack up the accolades.

Randy Moss spent only his first eight seasons with the Vikings before heading to Oakland and eventually New England. The game was played differently back then, and his statistics reflect a much more concentrated focus on finding the end zone than simply racking up yardage. He surpassed the 1,500-yard mark just once in his career but routinely put up double-digit touchdowns on a yearly basis. For Jefferson to come anywhere close to the 156 career receiving touchdowns, he must make that a much more significant portion of his game.

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Tyreek Hill has been in the NFL for eight seasons, spending the past two with the Miami Dolphins. His game correlates quite a bit to Jefferson’s, and he is playing during the same period. Having just eclipsed 10,000 receiving yards last season, Jefferson could zero in on that number. He should be somewhere near 8,000 when 2024 ends, and having another three years to rack up totals will put him in some rarefied air.

You could make the case that, were he to retire right now, Jefferson would be welcomed into the Vikings ring of honor simply because of his immediate production in the league. By the time his career ends, whether it is all with the Vikings or not, he has a chance to be amongst the most productive wideouts ever to play the game. The pace he has jumped out to, his ability and the opportunity in front of him create a dream scenario.

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The Vikings need to, and will, get a deal done. Once the sides watch the ink dry, then it will be all about watching Jefferson continue his foray into superstardom.

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