Vikings Coach Still Has the Wheels

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Kevin O’Connell is among the youngest head coaches in the NFL. Only three have been on the earth less time than he has, and he may be arguably the most athletic among them.

Vikings Coach Still Has the Wheels

With that, it’s not surprising that his contemporaries see him as a threat when it comes to feats of athleticism.

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With the NFL Combine underway in Indianapolis, talk of the 40-yard dash has been prevalent. When asked how he would fare compared to the other head coaches around the league, it’s not a surprise that the Minnesota Vikings leader thinks he could take down the competition.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson seemed to agree with that thought process, and as a former quarterback, it’s nice to see him give a hat tip to the position. Only Mike Macdonald, Jerod Mayo, and Sean McVay are younger. Mayo comes from the defensive side of the ball but could pose a decent threat. The Houston Texans’ head coach, DeMeco Ryans, could be a sneaky candidate to take down Minnesota’s guy. Of course, O’Connell noted he may have some fear that his hamstrings wouldn’t hold up.

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Amongst all the 40-yard dash talk, we had to see some Tom Brady action. The decorated Super Bowl champion is now 46 years old, but that didn’t stop him from putting up a more impressive result than when he competed in the event for real at 26. Never known for being fleet of foot, Brady still didn’t look anything close to a burner, but we definitely saw him best the previous time.

Of course, if there’s ever a chance you want to feel more athletic about your own chances in the 40-yard dash, comparing yourself to reporter Darren Rovell’s…um…attempt…should suffice. Not only would molasses potentially move faster, but it may look more fluid in doing so as well.

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