Trade Rumors Continue Flying in Regarding NFC North QBs

Trade Rumors
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Every year, the NFL offseason becomes a growingly exciting time of year. In the new age of player movement, there are constantly trade rumors swirling around players, namely at the quarterback position. In particular, a couple QBs in the NFC North seem to be caught up in these trade rumors.

Aaron Rodgers

Vikings Rival Ending Up
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It seems like every offseason there is some sort of rumor regarding the future of Aaron Rodgers. Will he retire? Will he ask for a trade? Well, the flavor of the week in terms of Rodgers trade rumors seems to be a trip out east to the New York Jets.

Adam Schefter reported early in the week that the Packers would be open to dealing Rodgers under one condition: the team he goes to resides in the AFC. That immediately eliminates half the teams in the NFL, and if a trade were to happen, it further tilts the QB talent pool towards the AFC.

One immediate option for a trade is the New York Jets. It makes sense. They have the draft capital to acquire him, they can move money around to fit him under the salary cap, and the young talent is some of the best in the league both offensively and defensively.

Justin Fields

Mystery Shrouds Vikings
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This rumor is far less believable, but it’s still out there. Apparently, the Chicago Bears are interested in moving Justin Fields and selecting Bryce Young with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.

NFL legend Warren Sapp claimed that the Bears would be interested in dealing Fields elsewhere in favor of selecting the Alabama quarterback. On first glance, though, this feels like a smokescreen in order to entice other teams to trade for that top pick. Namely, the Houston Texans, who hold the second pick in the draft and are almost certainly going to select a quarterback.

In the end, though, it may come down to which type of package Chicago can get more from. If they can get more draft capital for trading down from No. 1 (potentially multiple times), they’ll likely do that. If they get multiple firsts for Fields, then they might opt to do that. My money remains on the Bears keeping Fields, for what it is worth.

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