The P/PTSD Perspective: The WR2 Debate, the Vikings’ FAs, & a Veteran DE

Viking Has Everything
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PurplePTSD works in partnership with Vikings Territory, similarly doing their utmost to offer top-notch coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. As a result, we’re promoting their top 5 articles of the past week in “The P/PTSD Perspective.” Take a peak at some of their best stuff.

1) Vikings’ Defender Enters Minnesota’s WR2 Debate: Throughout the offseason, Vikings fans have been clamoring for more help in the receiver room. Perhaps that help comes in the NFL Draft. But, like Brian Asamoah, I’ve got a lot of faith in K.J. Osborn. Since before the season ended, I’ve been consistent in my belief that Osborn can handle a larger role. Apparently, the young WR is keeping track of the doubt.

2023 Offseason Plan
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2) Jalen Nailor Stock Continues to Rise: The young wideout has a shot, folks. Given his draft position – the 6th round – that’s significant. Working in his favor is that the Vikings have traditionally done of a wonderful job of identifying and developing receiver talent.

3) 3 Vikings Free Agents Remain Unsigned. Will Any Return to Minnesota?: Free agency has really slowed down as teams start marching toward the NFL Draft. Deals will get worked out for some of the remaining NFL FAs, but many will need to wait until teams see what happens from April 27-29. Afterwards, plenty of vets will get scooped up.

4) Is the Vikings’ Deep-Threat Receiver Already on the Roster?: There’s a lot of merit in having someone who can scare the other team’s DBs. Being able to pick up catches 30, 40, and 50 yards down the field has a lot of appeal.

'Rookie Watch' in Week 18
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5) Veteran DE Heads to the NFC for 2023: It’s hard not to cheer for Calais Campbell. The man has been in the NFL for a long time and has consistently been excellent. Even among NFL players – humans who tend to be unusually massive – Campbell stands out. You can’t teach 6’8″; either you have it or you don’t. Campbell has it.

Enjoy the extra reading, Vikings fans.