The P/PTSD Perspective: 3 Extra Teams, Knocking on the Door, & The Middle Way at QB

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PurplePTSD works in partnership with Vikings Territory, similarly doing their utmost to offer top-notch coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. As a result, we’re promoting five of their top articles of the past week in “The P/PTSD Perspective.” Take a peek at some of their best stuff.

The P/PTSD Perspective: December 30th, 2023

1) Vikings Fans Will be Rooting for 3 Extra Teams on Sunday: For a time, the Vikings maintained full control of their destiny. Simply winning every game that was in front of them would have made the playoffs a guaranteed outcome. Dropping four of the last five games now means that Kevin O’Connell needs help from other teams to get into the final tournament.

Drops One Hint
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2) Young Vikings Defender Knocks on Door of Opportunity Once Again: Subtracting Byron Murphy from the corner position means things get thin in a hurry for the Vikings. Losing Mekhi Blackmon and then benching Akayleb Evans made things even more challenging. Andrew Booth Jr. isn’t lacking for talent. Maybe the sophomore can see a more prominent role as the season gets close to its end.

3) Pro Football Network Has an Interesting Choice for Vikings in Latest 2024 NFL Mock Draft: Sinking an opening-round selection into a pass rusher shouldn’t be view as a controversial choice. After all, the edge rusher spot is one of the most important in the NFL and Minnesota is staring down a pile of change at that spot in the offseason.

Unveils Latest Danielle Hunter
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4) In a Few Months, the Vikings Should Strongly Consider Drafting a QB…While Also Re-Signing Kirk Cousins: An unpopular opinion, perhaps, and yet one that has at least some merit. Kirk Cousins would be in charge of keeping things competitive while the drafted rookie would be in charge of rebuilding. And there could maybe even be a mutually beneficial relationship whereby the rookie’s presence forces Cousins to keep elevating his game while the rookie gains valuable wisdom and insight from Cousins.

5) The Vikings Issue a Warning: A good idea, at least when it comes to igniting fan interest in a tilt on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the added fan dynamic didn’t lead to a better outcome on the field. The Vikings now head into a couple more divisional games hoping for a markedly different result.

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Enjoy the extra reading, Vikings fans.

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