The P/PTSD Perspective: An Ironic Trade Twist, Kwesi Pick Cut, & 2 More Releases

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PurplePTSD works in partnership with Vikings Territory, similarly doing their utmost to offer top-notch coverage of the Minnesota Vikings. As a result, we’re promoting their top 5 articles of the past week in “The P/PTSD Perspective.” Take a peak at some of their best stuff.

The P/PTSD Perspective: September 2nd, 2023

1) In an Ironic Twist, Vikings Now Get a Shot at 1st-Round Pass Rusher: Losing Teddy Bridgewater — who is now a Lion — radically altered the direction of the Vikings. Rick Spielman responded by shipping a 1st to Philly. The player who would become an Eagle is now on the trade market.

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2) Another Kwesi Draft Pick is Out in Minnesota: Tough to see players cut, but one of the most intriguing parts of Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s discussion about his decisions rests in how he believes individual signings, trades, and picks are part of a broader portfolio. Don’t forget that he’s a stock trader. He certainly hasn’t.

3) Vikings Release 2 More Players: The great descent led to news trickling out throughout the day. Ideally, the individuals who are no longer employed in Minnesota will be able to find work with another team in short order.

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4) A Vikings 53-Man Roster Projection Prior to Preseason Week 3 vs. Cardinals: ‘Tis the season for roster predictions. PurplePTSD Managing Editor Josh Frey joined the fun by offering his best guess prior to the Cardinals game. Frey even takes a few moments afterwards to assess how he did.

5) 2023 Vikings Roster Cuts Tracker: The chaotic pace of the news meant a tracker made things easier to follow. Frey did his best to keep Vikings fans informed on all that was happening with their team.

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Enjoy the extra reading, Vikings fans.