History Shows Chiefs Are Not Unbeatable

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The Minnesota Vikings finally got off the schneid in Week 4 with a win over the Carolina Panthers. Following that up with another win will be tough with the reigning Super Bowl champs coming to town.

History Shows Chiefs Are Not Unbeatable

Unsurprisingly, Kansas City is a 3.5-point favorite to leave Minnesota with the win. History shows the Chiefs are not unbeatable. Although they have largely dominated the league since All-Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes arrived on the scene, they have not been invincible. If the Vikings are truly going to ignite their season, they need a big statement win. There’s no time like the present.

Kansas City is an excellent football team, hence why they have appeared in three of the last four Super Bowls — winning two. However, they are not infallible. They do lose games, even ones they are expected to win comfortably. Last season, the Indianapolis Colts took them down early in the season, one of only four wins for the Colts last year. The 20-17 win for the Colts was a rare highlight in Indianapolis last season. No one expected that to happen, just like no one expects the Vikings to win. Unexpected things happen in sports, but how do the Vikings do it?

History Shows Chiefs
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The Vikings are the only team in the NFL the Chiefs QB has yet to beat — he missed the Chiefs win over the Vikings in 2019 through injury. As for the two teams, historically, the Chiefs have had the better of the contest, leading the series 8-5, starting with the first and most important game between the two teams — Super Bowl IV.

The Chiefs have won three of the last four meetings. However, the Vikings have won the last two in Minnesota. Continuing that streak could be paramount for the Vikings hope for the rest of the season. It’s worth noting that the previous four meetings have all been one-score games, which is, of course, the Vikings specialty these days — so expect another.

How the Vikings Can Upset the Chiefs

The Vikings defense was better in Carolina, but they are about to face a different animal in Mahomes and the Chiefs. RB Isiah Pacheco could also provide the Vikings with many problems on the ground. Brian Flores and his guys need to find a way of slowing Kansas City’s offensive charge. The Chiefs have had a turnover problem this season, not quite to the Vikings league-leading level, but eight giveaways is the fifth most in the league.

The Vikings have only managed two turnovers through four games and will need more plays like D.J. Wonnum’s fumble recovery touchdown last week if they are going to turn the tables on the Chiefs.

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The Vikings defense needs to play its part, but it won’t win this game for the Vikings by completely shutting the Chiefs down. Kansas City is too good, and the Vikings don’t have the quality on defense to do it. Minnesota’s offense needs to be at its explosive best consistently throughout the game, which has been a rarity for a long time. The Vikings tendency to blow hot and cold on offense is one of the most frustrating aspects of this team.

Time of Possession

The Vikings offense needs to not only be explosive and put points on the board, but they also need to do something else they have struggled with this season — win the time of possession battle. The one game the Chiefs have lost this season is the one game they didn’t win, the time-of-possession battle against the Detroit Lions on the season’s opening night.

Popular QB Myth Debunked
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The Vikings have had the higher percentage of possession this season only once — Week 3 vs. the Chargers, and they still lost. Time of possession doesn’t guarantee anything. After all, Mahomes doesn’t need long to make you pay. However, the more time the ball spends in Mahomes’ hands, the less likely it will be a good night for Minnesota.

As good as the Chiefs have been over the last four seasons, they have lost 15 regular season games — including this season. The smart money is the Vikings won’t be the team that makes it 16, but it can’t be ruled out. Anything can happen on Sunday, but it will take something special for the Vikings to emerge victorious.