It Has Been Far Too Long for Jim Marshall and the Hall of Fame

Jim Marshall Takes Step Towards Hall of Fame
Jim Marshall

This past week, Minnesota Vikings legend Jim Marshall was among 60 semifinalists selected for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2024.

The 85-year-old has still not received the gold jacket.

It Has Been Far Too Long for Jim Marshall and the Hall of Fame

Marshall deserves a place in the hall. Why has he not been inducted yet? The wrong way run may very well be the main reason, but it should not keep holding him back. He has more than done his share of waiting.

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His not winning a Super Bowl could be another reason he has not been voted in. That also should not keep holding him back either.

He was not only a member of four teams that advanced to the Super Bowl, he also appeared in 282 consecutive games (an NFL record before Brett Favre broke it in 2009). He, Alan Page, Carl Eller, and Gary Larsen are among the greatest defensive lines ever put together.

After playing for the Cleveland Browns in 1960, Marshall played for the Vikings during the next 19 seasons before retiring.

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Playing that many consecutive games is impressive in any sport, especially a very rough one like football. Playing on the defensive line is a pretty grueling position as well. Sure, he only made it to two Pro Bowls in 20 seasons, but his play on the field 130.5 sacks unofficially) and durability is definitely Hall of Fame worthy. He also recovered 30 fumbles.

You can also make a strong case that he should have made it to more Pro Bowls. His former head coach Bud Grant lobbied hard for him to get into the hall.

“Just give me the names, and I’ll do whatever it takes,” was Grant’s reaction when asked to spearhead communication with voters. “I love Jim Marshall. He’s one of the most unique guys I ever coached. When I talk about him, it won’t be a bunch of baloney, either. I haven’t done this a lot. I haven’t stepped up to this degree, so I think the credibility is there.”

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At an event last December, Grant called Marshall the greatest Viking ever.

Unfortunately, Grant passed away in March and will not be around if or when Marshall finally gets in. Nonetheless, Marshall deserves to get in. He has waited far too long. No.70 needs to get in. While Grant will not be around, many of his former teammates will be there to share that moment with him, along with his friends and family.

You can argue that he should not have been voted in during his first few years of eligibility (many great players have not), but he is long overdue. He should have already been inducted many years ago, but it is always better late than never. The right thing would be for him to get in next year.

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