Who will be the Viking leaders this season?

Vikings Territory Breakdown:

Believe it or not, there are some things worth discussing about the Vikings. True, it is early July, but it is later than you think as we wind down the offseason toward training camp near the end of August. I mean, the fireworks for the country’s birthday have been extinguished, but the fireworks are yet to come in the 2023 season. And before those begin, let’s look at some more topics of discussion regarding the Purple.

They suddenly have a decent amount of cap space after the release of running back Dalvin Cook (who still hasn’t been signed by another team), and they could shore up some deficiencies in their roster. Mark Craig, NFL Insider and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and startribune.com and author of 100 Things Vikings Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die  joins vikingsterritory and purplePTSD senior writer Joe Oberle to suggest some moves the team may still want to make on this week’s episode of the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast.

The fellas will also look at the position units that will be competing out at TCO Performance center and take a deeper dive on the offensive line. Surprisingly, the Vikings oline, the focus of much fan derision (and with good reason) during the Zimmer/Spielman years, is ranked more highly than it has been in ages.

And just for fun (and out of a desire to fill a segment), the fellas will weigh in on who they think will be the statistical leaders on the 2023 Minnesota Vikings team. Some of it will be fairly easy to predict (we are looking at you, Justin Jefferson), but there are other areas that will be a little more difficult to predict—such as who will be the sack leader, or tackles leader or touchdowns scored (JJ didn’t get that one last season). So tune in to the VT Breakdown podcast and see what we come up with.

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