When in Doubt, Consider a Cousins Discussion

Vikings Territory Breakdown:

If you want to have a discussion about the hot issues of the Vikings, the best place to start is with quarterback Kirk Cousins. Even if there is no breaking news on the –year signal caller, there is always something to talk about—his production, his winning average, his contract, his chains. Kirk is a lightning rod of attention for the Minnesota Vikings, and sometimes that lightning is exciting, bright and illuminating, and sometimes it comes in with the white heat of a thousand suns. So, we will talk about him on the Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast.

Kirk is in a contract year and the Vikings and the QB have decided to cut off talks about a contract extension. That is Kirk’s way, and it should be commended. He doesn’t want the money talk to be a distraction and he has no problem playing on a “prove it” year, as he has done it many times in his career. And always comes out smelling like a rose. That could be good news for the Purple.

Furthermore, there are other hot-button issues that merit discussion concerning the Vikings: Justin Jefferson’s contract; Dalvin Cook’s departure, Brian Flores’ defense. It is the dog days of the NFL offseason but the Vikings issues are never on the back burner. So we will hit them all. Joe Oberle, senior writer from vikingsterritory.com and purplePTSD.com joins Mark Craig, NFL Insider and Vikings writer from the Star Tribune and startribune.com to analyze these stories and a lot more on the VT Breakdown Podcast. Tune in and check it out.

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