Vikings 2023 Schedule Released—Begin Your Planning

Vikings Territory Breakdown Schedule Released:

The NFL released its 2023 schedule last Thursday to much anticipation and joy. For the life of me, I never understood the excitement and hype surrounding this event—which has actually become an event (how long until they move it to NFL cities around the country and release I in front of 10 of thousands of fans?). I didn’t track with the “schedule release is a big deal” crowd, until, that is, I told my bride what we would be doing on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve this year: watching the Vikings.

That news was not greeted in my household with the same excitement that other fans have afforded it. But it drove home the point. The schedule release allows fans to plan their fall and early winter around watching their favorite NFL team. And now Vikings fans can begin to plan their schedules, as there is much to consider in the coming season’s schedule.

The Vikings garnered a first-place schedule after taking the NFC North Division last season, and that has resulted in five nationally televised prime-time games (bummer, Kirk). The Vikings travel to Philly to play the Eagles on the second Thursday night of the season, host the Niners and Bears in Monday night games and go to Denver and host the Packers in a couple Sunday night tilts. In a strange scheduling quick, the Vikings finish the season playing two games for the national media favorite Detroit Lions in weeks 16 and 18 (sandwiching a home game against the Packers, who should be out of things by then, we hope). The final game in the Motor City is still undetermined whether or not is on Jan. 6 or 7. Hopefully, the Vikings are not out of things by then or this game will be flexed into oblivion.

There is indeed much planning to do around these games—and much analysis to do around the schedule (who’d have ever thunk it) and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune joins Joe Oberle from the and to do just that on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. Tune in and check it out. You must start planning where you will be watching the 2023 Vikings games. My wife already is—thank goodness they aren’t playing on her birthday.

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