The Vikings Icy Offseason Begins

Vikings Territory Breakdown with Joe Oberle and Mark Craig

Vikings Territory Breakdown:

As the 2022 NFL season has “skated away on the thin ice of a new day” (thanks to Ian Anderson) here in Minnesota, we must forge ahead on the frozen footing of the offseason. Icy contract negotiations, frigid forecasts of new players and slippery prognostications of the season ahead. Throw in some coaching staff hires piling up like snowbanks in February and you have a metaphor so tortured you feel like Jack Nicholson at the end of “The Shining.”

Okay, enough of the ice storm allegory (timely given the weather throughout the state on Monday morning), but hidden in that first graph are the subjects of this week’s Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast with Joe Oberle from Vikings Territory and purplePTSD and Mark Craig from the Star Tribune and The Vikings are headlong into the offseason machinations and we are here to break it all down for you.

On the docket this week we will talk about Kirk Cousins contract. There are reports that the Vikings aren’t going to extend him for another one-season contract, which leaves two choices: play out the existing one or extend him for a few more years while they try to find the QB of the future. We will postulate what to expect next. And we shudder in anticipation of the coming Kirkistan battle over the haters. We will even dive into Cousins on the Netflix NFL QB series. Not for the faint of heart.

In addition, the Vikings made a few coaching hires on the defensive side of the ball. Defensive coordinator Brian Flores has wasted no time in beginning to assemble his staff. He brought in Lance Bennett and Mike Siravo, each with some long ties to the new DC. Does that mean he is already grooming his successor? We will put that question to Craig for his opinion.

Finally, we will also take a quick look at what general manager Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah has to say in his first press conference of the offseason. He will likely be addressing the upcoming Scouting Combine and other pressing Vikings news. So tune in for it all at the VT Breakdown Podcast. And please don’t slip on the ice.

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