Rookie Minicamp—Time to Grind and Shine and Forge a Career

Vikings Territory Breakdown with Joe Oberle and Mark Craig

Vikings Territory Breakdown

And so it begins. The Vikings will hold a rookie mini-camp this week that will include the six players they drafted in the 2023 NFL draft and the many undrafted free agents they picked up after its conclusion. It is an opportunity for them all to shine, begin to get acquainted with the game at the NFL level and for some, make a solid case for making the team.

In the past, players have stood out at the camp and forged the beginning of their NFL career. Players such as Mike Boone (who played the past two seasons with the Denver Broncos after three seasons in Purple) and Adam Thielen (who moves onto Carolina after a Pro Bowl career for his home state team) made a name for themselves and a career in the game. It happens—and the Vikings are certainly looking for it to happen again.

Mark Craig, NFL Insider and Vikings writer for the Star Tribune and joins Joe Oberle (from vikingsterritory and purplePTSD) on the VT Breakdown podcast to talk about who has seen at rookie minicamps make a move in the past and if expects someone to catch on this season. 

We will also talk about all the latest Vikings news and notes to continue to keep you abreast of all the Purple possibilities in the offseason. Tune into the Breakdown and check it out.

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