Rock this Joint—Vikings and Titans Practice before Preseason Game

Vikings Territory Breakdown

The Vikings are a third of the way through their preseason games and one half of the way through their two joint practices with the Tennessee Titans, so what do we know so far? Are all (or any of) the questions answered or are we just collecting more information? The Vikings Territory Breakdown boys will offer their evaluation.

The preseason game loss to the Seattle Seahawks actually may have raised more questions than it out to rest. Where is the offensive line depth? Is Ty Chandler going to be RB2? What was your favorite Jordan Addison moment—his first recorded catch sliding over the middle or the sideline toe-dragger they took away from him? Is Ivan Pace making a case for some starting reps? And what of the backup quarterbacks—were they good bad or meh?

We will also take a look at what’s coming out of the joint practices this week. Some say they are more important than the preseason games for the getting the team ready. The fellas will weigh on the lastest from TCO Performance Center.

We’re getting ever closer to the season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, so tune into the VT Breakdown with Joe Oberle (vikingsterritory and purplePTSD) and Mark Craig (from the Star Tribune and and get ready to go. See you there!

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