No Draft, No Schedule, No Problem for the NFL

Vikings Territory Breakdown

So, there’s no draft this past week. No schedule release. No football news?!! What ever will the league do to tackle our attention? How about making some changes, such as flexing games out of or into Thursday Night Football? That seemed to work as far as getting all of us rubes chirping on social media.

That happened and the fans are not very excited about it. Many NFL fans travel to games, booking their hotel and making other plans ahead of time, and this kind of thing can mess with their pre-game rituals. We can sympathize. Such flexing changes can ruin a weekend or even cause fans to miss a game they have already purchased tickets for.

The league has some requirements for the flexing (such as occurring only during Weeks 12-17, only a total of two games are flexed, a team can only be flexed once and early-as-possible warnings of the change) to hopefully minimize the number these such instances, but it is not going to be perfect. And some folks are going to be left out in the cold, missing, perhaps, their only shot at in-stadium game this season. We will see how it goes.

In the meantime, we will talk about it. Joe Oberle, senior writer for and vikingsterritory and Mark Craig, Vikings writer and NFL Insider for the Star Tribune and will be toss around this proverbial political football on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast. We will also analyze the latest player moves (Z’Darius Smith traded to Cleveland) and player problems (Danielle Hunter’s latest contract maneuvers) and player acquisitions (WR Lucky Jackson signed). So, tune into the pod and check it out.

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