Just How Good Will Jordan Addison Be?

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Two weeks ago, the Minnesota Vikings spent their first-round pick on USC wide receiver Jordan Addison. While their defense was the main issue last season, Minnesota also needed another wide receiver to replace Adam Thielen. The long-time Viking was released after free agency began.

K.J. Osborn had a good year in 2022 but may never be a true No. 2 wideout. Addison could be that guy right behind star Justin Jefferson. Jefferson, Osborn, and Addison could be a trio for years to come, regardless of who will be the No. 2.

Just How Good Will Jordan Addison Be?

One thing is certain. He will not have too much pressure put on him right away. He will have Jefferson and T.J. Hockenson take some of that pressure off him. Defenses will not need to focus on him so much right away, and having two outstanding pass catchers will not force him to be a considerable contributor right away. Osborn is good too, and having a good quarterback in Kirk Cousins will also benefit him.

Just How Good Will Jordan Addison Be?
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Addison can be brought along slowly if needed. Many expected Jefferson to be a good player when he was drafted. Very few, if any, expected him to have the kind of rookie season he had. Most did not think he would be this good this early, if ever.

Some felt Troy Williamson would be a fine player, and after his rookie year, he did show some potential. We saw what happened after that. Vikings fans still remember him whenever players drop easy passes.

Time will tell, but Addison, at the moment, looks like a smart pick. His versatility as a receiver and ability to return punts make him an intriguing prospect. Even if he ends up being very good, can he stay healthy? That is another big question.

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He probably won’t have the same impact as a rookie as Jefferson and Randy Moss did, but he can still have a good year. He could end up with around 50 receptions and five touchdowns — not exactly eye-popping numbers for a rookie, but still good. Perhaps he will do even better. While he will not be rushed into anything, given the weapons the team already has, Thielen being gone will also give him more opportunities for him to shine.

Osborn could start as the No. 2, and perhaps Addison could later move ahead of him. Even if Addison does not and makes minimal impact this season, the door certainly should not be closed on him after one year. The competition between those two will certainly help both as well.

Thielen was a fan favorite for 10 years in Minnesota, and it will be bizarre not seeing him on the roster anymore. Some fans are very disappointed he is no longer a Viking, but it was best for both sides to move on, and maybe Addison will also be a very good receiver in purple for years to come.

Jordan Addison Has
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It will be very interesting to see how the former Trojan does. Maybe he will be good from day 1. Maybe it will take him two years to be good, or he may be a bust altogether. Purple folks will hope for the former.

The Vikings have a nice history when it comes to wide receivers. Ahmad Rashad, Sammy White, Anthony Carter, Cris Carter, Jake Reed, Moss, Stefon Diggs, Thielen, and now Jefferson. Addison being added to that list would be huge for this franchise.