Hunter’s the House—And On the Field—With his New Deal

Vikings Territory Breakdown

The deal is done. DE and edge rusher Danielle Hunter has signed a contract. The Purple faithful let out the collective breath they’ve been holding. Hunter signed a one-year deal for 17 mill and three mill in incentives. He can’t be tagged next and becomes an unrestricted free agent. Is this a good deal for Hunter? (It seems so.) Is this a good deal for the Vikings? The jury might still be out on that.

Regardless, the fellas of Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast are going to discuss it. Joe Oberle, senior writer at vikingsterritory and purplePTSD joins Mark Craig, Vikings writer and NFL Insider from the Star Tribune and to break it all down for you. There are some ramifications for this contract this season and there will be in the future. Does it make the two sides want to get back to the bargaining table next season? We are a long way from answering that one.

The VT Breakdown lads will also have all the other camp highlights to talk about—Kirk Cousins’ inspirational speech to start out camp that has everyone excited—especially our loveble curmudgeon Craig, we all know how much he loves to sing kumbaya. The big plays, the cornerback battle and who looks good right now. Craig has been at TCO and will provide the inside scoop.

So, log on, tune in and check out this Training Camp round version of the VT Breakdown podcast. Hunter is back in the fold. It’s time to get fired up!

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