Former Vikings GM Jeff Diamond Joins VT Breakdown for Training Camp Preview

Vikings Territory Breakdown:

Vikings training camp is finally here! (It would seem the world waited for it to get blazing hot out before starting it). Regardless, the players have arrived and are sweating it out down Eagan at TCO Performance Center. Well, most of them are sweating. DE/Edge Danielle Hunter is at camp, but he is technically a “hold-in”—which is not something you want to confuse with a sit-in, but it is kind of related, as there is some kind of protest going on.

Hunter is not happy with his contract—and with good reason, he is vastly underpaid. So, he is showing up and by agreement with his team is able to be at camp and not participate—so he doesn’t get fined, a la Super Bowl interviewee Marshawn Lynch (“I’m just here so I don’t get fined!”). The ins and outs of a hold-in are still a little nuanced for us ink-stained wretches, so we brought in an expert to sort it all out. Jeff Diamond, the former GM of the Vikings and current player agent joins the lads on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast to walk us through it.

Jeff Diamond is the perfect guest as training camp gets underway as the front office of current GM Kwesi Adolfo-Mensah works hard to get all his players happy with their compensation and on the field prepping for the season. Diamond spent two decades in the Vikings front office and drafted and signed Randy Moss when he was the GM. As a player rep, Diamond now operates from the other side of the negotiating table and has plenty of insight on what it takes to get players all into camp under the salary camp.

Diamond (who also writes for VT) joins the VT Breakdown talking heads Joe Oberle from vikingsterritory and purplePTSD and Mark Craig, NFL Insider and Vikings writer from the Star Tribune and to talk about Hunter, Kirk Cousins, Justine Jefferson and other players whose contracts are up in the air right now. Diamond’s unique perspective makes for a great training camp preview podcast, so tune in and check it out.

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