Vikings Territory Breakdown: Training Camp Week 2

Time for the Hit Parade

It’s Week 2 of Vikings Training Camp at TCO Performance Center in Eagan, and it’s time to let the hitting begin. The Vikings put the pads on for the first time this season and it wasn’t a moment too soon for rookie cornerback Andrew Booth, Jr., who had already been mixing it up with his new team’s wide receivers last week in camp.

Booth covered Justin Jefferson last week and made a couple nice plays (including a diving interception) and this week he angered wideout Bisi Johnson, who is battling to make the team, and the pair had to be separated, according to training camp reports. Mark Craig NFL Insider and longtime Vikings writer for the Stat Tribune, has already come out and declared Booth to be a standout at camp and the odds-on favorite to grab a starting corner position. It will be interesting to hear what Craig has to say about Booth after seeing him in pads for the first time. Craig will let us know (and what other players are getting a lot of first team reps and garnering a lot of steam on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast this week.

He will be joined by co-host Joe Oberle (Vikings Territory) to discuss some of the other happenings from Week 2 at camp. We know Craig is anxious to talk about the new suggestion to fans and media from Vikings brass to not film any of the plays in practice at TCO as those videos in the hands of the Vikings competition just might put the hometown team at a competitive disadvantage (of course that doesn’t take into consideration that any team opponent’s scout could come to practice and make their own videos. Does this smack of some Zimmer-era clandestine ops (such as never talking about injuries) or is that just run of the mill paranoia from any new or old coach in the NFL. It should be fun to hear what Craig has to say on that.

We will also talk about the news that former Vikings defensive end Jared Allen will be put into the Vikings Ring of Honor at U.S. Bank Stadium this season. The former “skullet-wearing” quarterback roping’ sack master will be getting his due on October 30 (during the Vikings-Cardinals game) and the Vikings Territory Breakdown lads will be giving him his due this week. Tune in for that all the latest news from Vikings training camp.

Segment 1: Fans Filming Practice

  • Vikings Coaches ask people to stop filming, what?

Segment 2:

Segment 3: Jared Allen