VT Breakdown: The Cardiac Vikes are 8-1—As Expected, Right?

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Insanity. The Vikings beat the Bills 33-30 in Buffalo. That statement alone strains credulity. But the way it happened was otherworldly insane.

Let’s just look at what happened in the fourth quarter alone—complete insanity. Down by three scores at the end of three and double digits as the fourth quarter began, yet the Vikings come back and win. The game was lost, then looked like there was a chance, then lost, then somehow won when it looked like they would lose. Here are some highlights (and lowlights):

  • Patrick Peterson picks off Josh Allen in the endzone and returns it to near midfield.
  • The Vikes go for it twice on 4th and get both.
  • Kirk Cousins scrambles for 15 yards down to the 2.
  • A great call to C.J. Hamm for the score and they are down by four points.
  • Greg Joseph misses the PAT and the Vikes are feared doomed still down by four.
  • 4th and 18 passes to Justin Jefferson for an incredible catch and 32 yards.
  • 3rd and goal pass to JJ for the touchdown—but the call is reversed.
  • QB sneak on 4th and 1 that fails—doomed liked Linus on Halloween. Game over?
  • Josh Allen fumbles and Eric Kendricks recovers it for a TD. Game over?
  • Buffalo cruises downfield last minute with no timeouts to tie it. OT.
  • Great pass to JJ for 1st and goal at the 2 somehow becomes a field goal.
  • Buffalo moves downfield, looking to win the game with a TD and Peterson picks Allen in the endzone again. Vikes win and Pat Pete gets the chains on the flight home.

Were you not entertained? If you don’t like these Cardiac Kirkos comebacks and chains and drama and heart-attack-inducing intensity, then I don’t know what to tell you. Perhaps take up watching chess?

This incredible, improbable victory brings the Vikings to 8-1 on the season, and maintains its solid lead in the division and earned the Vikings a tie for the best record in the NFL. It came against a preseason Super Bowl favorite in their home stadium with an elite quarterback indeed playing the game. If the conversation to this point about the Purple has been more about Kirk’s chains than the play of the first-place Vikings, that is going to change from this point forward.

We here at Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast are more versed in discussions about what’s happening with the 2022 Minnesota Vikings than the national media. The Star Tribune’s Mark Craig joins Joe Oberle from purplePTSD and vikingsterritory to break down this wildly entertaining game and where this amazing team is headed next.

The Vikes can play with anyone—believe it. KFAN asked KJ Osborn what this win says about this team. He responded: “What are they gonna say now?”

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