Kirk Cousins for MVP?

Kirk Cousins for MVP?
Kirk Cousins

I have never seen a sportsman or woman divide opinion on their ability like Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. It’s an incredible phenomenon that leads you to see people writing off the Vikings chances as a team just because of their quarterback.

While at the same time, you see someone endorsing Kirk Cousins for MVP. No other quarterback is viewed that strongly at opposite ends of the scale simultaneously.

Where has the Cousins for MVP chatter come from? The good folk at NFL Network – specifically Michael Irvin.

Other NFL Network personalities went with more obvious picks like Aaron Rodgers (Cynthia Frelund/Rachel Bonnetta), Josh Allen (Rich Eisen/Steve Mariucci), and Joe Burrow (Kurt Warner). Irvin decided to throw in the curveball by choosing Cousins. The hall of fame former Dallas Cowboy has the credentials for knowing what it takes to be the best — a First-Team All-Pro wide receiver with three Super Bowl rings.

Irvin clearly believes the new surroundings in Minnesota can elevate Cousins’ game to a new level. That is a reasonable assumption considering what we know of his relationship with his former head coach — a new, modern offensive scheme under a head coach who believes in him could be what Cousins needs to elevate his game to the next level. Will that be enough to put him into MVP contention? I have my doubts.

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At this juncture, it will probably take a Super Bowl win to change the view of the quarterback’s detractors. The votes will be in before that happens. Even then, if Cousins has a tremendous season that involves Justin Jefferson getting 2,000 yards, the Vikings star wide-out will likely get more of the credit. That’s life for Cousins.

Nevertheless, you can expect big numbers again from Cousins. Barring injury, 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns is the floor for what you can expect from number eight. However, he will be judged by many by the team’s wins and losses. Whether right or wrong (it’s wrong), that’s how this works. Cousins needs his teammates to step up with him and deliver some big-time wins. Only then will he start to win hearts.

Oddsmakers Forecast 'Typical' Year for Kirk Cousins
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Irvin’s prediction of Cousins for MVP seems optimistic. If Cousins and Rodgers were having the same season, Rodgers would win the vote simply because he is Aaron Rodgers. The critical thing to note here is the belief that Cousins can be in the conversation. Suppose he has the type of season where he’s being talked of as a possible candidate when we get to January. Then things are going well in Minnesota, and the Vikings are having a good season.

At the end of the day, that is what really matters, and Cousins is capable of delivering.

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