Justin Jefferson is Outproducing Several Teams’ Entire WR Groups

The 'Other' Important Race for Justin Jefferson
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By this point, Vikings fans may feel like they’ve heard it all when it comes to praise for #18. Earlier in the day, though, a tweet from PFF caught my eye. The analytics website pointed out that Justin Jefferson is outproducing several teams’ receivers.

And by that I don’t mean gaining more yards than another team’s WR1 but, rather, a team’s entire group of receivers.

In fairness, teams like the Falcons and Bears aren’t known for their high-flying offenses. Even still, this is pretty remarkable. One single player is putting up more yards than an entire position group for several teams.

Four Weeks of Wonder for Justin Jefferson
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As it stands, Jefferson is the 4th-best receiver on PFF. He is 2nd in the NFL in receptions (99), 1st for receiving yards (1500), and in a tie for 11th for TDs (6). His 15.2 yards per reception is tied with Davante Adams for 10th in the NFL. He’s even 6th in the NFL for yards per target at 10.5 yards. He’s averaging a bit more than 115 yards per game (1st in the NFL).

Justin Jefferson is outproducing several receiving groups and yet he’s unlikely to win the NFL MVP. That award almost always goes to a QB. One wonders, though, where Minnesota would be without their star receiver.

How many wins would they have without Jefferson? We can’t say for certain, but it wouldn’t be 10.

The upcoming game gives Minnesota a shot at climbing to 11-3. Obtaining that record would lock in the NFC North, meaning the Vikings are guaranteed at least a single home game in the playoffs. That being said, there ought to be a strong effort to ensure they hold onto the #2 seed. Doing so would mean a potential 49ers matchup would occur at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Look for Kevin O’Connell to feature his WR1 throughout the game on Saturday. The game is taking place in Minnesota and will begin at 12 CST.

Editor’s Note: Information from Pro Football Reference helped with this piece.