“Eventually We’ll Be There:” Ed Donatell Preaches Patience & Urgency

Vikings Exercise Addition
Sep 30, 2022; Thundridge, United Kingdom; Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Ed Donatell during practice at Hanbury Manor. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports.

By this point, Vikings fans likely aren’t feeling particularly patient with the defense. Fan concerns aside, Ed Donatell expounded the importance of continuing to work through their defensive processes in his press conference earlier today.

Over close to 12 minutes, Donatell fielded a myriad of questions about the recent effort from his group. He faced questions about scheme vs. execution. Around 7 minutes into the press conference, Donatell said that “I think it’s really more execution.” He goes on to note that they “have a good mixture of schemes” and need to get “tighter” coverage.

As we’ve all heard plenty of times since the game broadcast, Minnesota has allowed more than 400 yards for 5 straight games. Adding a 6th straight game would lead to even more concern.

Put simply, the Colts aren’t a great team right now. Matt Ryan – at one time a league MVP – will be starting the upcoming game for the Colts. The veteran has thrown 13 interceptions so far. Ideally, that number will have grown by at least a couple more picks by the time Saturday night arrives.

Ed Donatell is the one who is tasked with bringing defensive improvement to fruition. Immediately after noting his confidence that his defense will “be there,” a question was asked about the defense reaching its potential in time for the postseason.

“That’s really what we’re doing,” Donatell explains, “it’s a race to get it to look like we want to.” Shortly thereafter, he notes that there is “urgency” in the coaches’ teachings.

In other words, Ed Donatell continues to believe that his side of the ball will get there and that continuing to work through their process will lead to strong results. That belief doesn’t nullify the understanding that there must be a sense of – to borrow his word – urgency for improvement. Only 4 regular season games remain.

The Vikings are 32nd in the NFL for yards allowed. Far too often, QBs have been able to complete passes with ease; much of the issue stems from playing off coverage, a lacklustre pass rush, and failing to create turnovers.

Indianapolis is averaging 16.1 points per game. A win on Saturday would mean Minnesota has officially conquered the NFC North.

Editor’s Note: Information from Pro Football Reference helped with this piece.