Dear Santa: Vikings Writers Send Along Their Requests for Minnesota

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First off, allow me to send along a sincere Christmas greetings to all the readers of PurplePTSD and Vikings Territory. We genuinely appreciate the support you give us throughout the year.

Given that the big day is nearly here, I thought it best to reach out to some Vikings writers to put together a letter for Santa. We’re sending it virtually, trusting that it’ll end up on the right computer screen in the North Pole. In a perfect world, Santa will take a look at his list, check it twice, and then determine that we’re deserving of receiving the gifts we’re looking for for these Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings Writers Make Their Case to Santa

Dustin Baker

Dear Santa,

Please get the Vikings a license or at the very least, permission, to play competently in the 3rd Quarter of games. Somewhere along the line, the team was informed that the 3rd Quarter of games was the time for a team-wide nap. Heck, if the Vikings didn’t perform so horrendously in the 3rd Quarter, they might even beat a few club by more than eight points.

Josh Frey

Dear Santa,

If we could add a true lockdown cornerback to this Minnesota Vikings team, many of the problems that this group have gone through likely disappear. Patrick Peterson has been great in stretches, but to leave him alone on an island against an opposing team’s best wide receiver, at this point in his career, simply isn’t feasible. Injuries to Andrew Booth, Cam Dantzler, and Akayleb Evans haven’t helped matters, either. Perhaps either Booth or Evans can still turn into that lockdown corner in future years, but that won’t help this year in the playoffs.

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Will Goodwin

Dear St. Nick,

My Vikings have outperformed expectations in 2022. Not many expected them to wrap up the NFC North by Week 15. I have one request for you, however, since it’s Christmas after all.

Can the Minnesota Vikings please start playing like a first-place team?

The 33-point, NFL-record-setting comeback was nice and all, but it would have been even nicer if the cardiac kids weren’t constantly raising our collective blood pressure and stooping to the level of their competition. Their naughty performances in the first half on Saturday, the second half against the Jets, the entire Cowboy game, or basically any 3rd quarter this season has my tinsel and lights all up in bunches.

So, pretty please, can you sprinkle some reindeer dust on this team to start asserting themselves as a division-winning, first place team, starting on none other than Christmas Eve? I’ll leave you some extra cookies.

Cole Smith

Dear Santa,

If I could have one thing left under the Vikings’ tree this Christmas, it would be for a 100% healthy Za’Darius Smith heading into the playoffs. The Vikings defense looks like a different animal when Smith is firing on all cylinders. If he can stay healthy for the stretch run, the Vikings could be in for a deep playoff run.

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K. Joudry

Dear Santa,

I know this is your busy season, so I’ll do my best to keep things brief. The Vikings – a team beloved by many – have had a nice season so far, so I won’t ask for the world. Admittedly, the temptation is there to ask for some better refereeing or maybe even a 2,000-yard season for #18. But, I’ll refrain.

Instead, I’ll ask for the thing I’ve written about at various points: a truly ferocious pass rush. The defense has its faults, Mr. Claus, but it also has potential. If you could find a way to allow the pass rushers to put together a several games of elite pass rushing in January and (if it isn’t too much to ask) February, I’d be most grateful.

Editor’s Note: This piece originally appeared on PurplePTSD.