[Introducing] Mikey Likes It! – NCAA Men’s basketball Tournament Edition

“Mikey Likes It!” is an UFFDA Sports franchise that seeks to serve those who like to have an advantage when participating in an event of game of chance. UFFDA Sports has enlisted the help of “Mikey”, one name only, to serve as our “insider” when it comes to gaming, and in this case, “The Big Dance.”

In this edition, Mikey looks at one “play-in” game and several first round matchups, offering his insight on how to play each game and why. As a bonus, Mikey also throws in who he has bet on to win it all, and even there there’s a lesson to be learned where it comes to his approach on how and WHEN to bet on “The Big Dance.”

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1) UCLA over Michigan State in a play-in game
2) Bet the “over” in Arkansas vs. Colgate
3) Bet the “under” on Texas Tech vs. Utah State
4) Bet North Carolina over Wisconsin
5) Bet Rutgers over Clemson
6) Likes Loyola, Chicago over Georgia Tech (Prediction made before Tech’s best player was quarantined)
7) Mikey has bet on UCLA, Illinois & Gonzaga to win it all