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Could the Vikings Add Their WR3 Through Trade?

The NFL Draft is fast approaching, and with needs still existing all over the field, the Vikings seem prepared to take a “best player available” approach. With so many talented skill players this year, and the unpredictability that is the NFL Draft, it’s probably smartest not to get attached to any one player. That said, while the Vikings still need to add a WR3 to their squad, it is lower on the list of needs than offensive line or defensive end. 


After Larry Fitzgerald’s retirement, options are still available in free agency, but the seeming lack of pursuit makes me skeptical that anything will come to fruition. Guys like Golden Tate, Cordarrelle Patterson, and Danny Amendola are out there; however, all have been connected to teams outside of Minnesota to this point. 


There is still one route to acquiring a new WR3 that hasn’t been discussed much, though. The Vikings could swing yet another trade to bring a new wide receiver into town. That said, the trade would have to be with a team willing to give up a solid receiver that could conceivably contribute immediately for the Vikings.


Enter the Washington Football Team. Washington has an embarrassment of riches at receiver. They already had Terry McLaurin, Logan Thomas, and two incredible receiving backs in Antonio Gibson and J.D. McKissic, but the additions of both Curtis Samuel and Adam Humphries creates a great receiving corps for new quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. 


Because they have so many options at receiver, Washington may be open to trading 25-year-old Cam Sims. Washington recently tendered the restricted free agent to prevent him from hitting the open market. Rightly so. While McLaurin battled through injuries in 2020, Sims stepped up towards the end of the season. 


After being targeted just three times over his first two NFL seasons, Sims was thrown to 48 times in 2020, catching 32 passes for 477 yards and a TD. He also had a monster game in the wild card round against Tampa Bay, catching seven passes for 104 yards.


However, while Sims played the outside a lot last year due to his 6’5 frame, he is versatile as a receiver. In fact, he took many snaps in the slot at Alabama. It’s an atypical spot for someone of his size, but Sims has proven he can produce as a slot guy. 


This is where the Vikings come in. Sims will make just $2.1 million in 2021, so his salary is not an issue. Since he can be used in the slot, Sims would fit perfectly with Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson. Jefferson also took a lot of snaps from the slot at LSU, so both he and Sims could mix up where they play throughout the year. Not only can Sims be a massive, versatile target, but he took a number of snaps both at Alabama and Washington on the special teams. His blocking ability proved valuable to both squads.


The trio could create a lethal offense for Minnesota. Sims averaged 15 yards per reception in 2020, but what really stood out was his after-the-catch playmaking. He averaged a dazzling 7.8 YAC, which ranked second in the entire league. 


Finally, as much as Vikings fans like to debate the abilities of Kirk Cousins, it’s undeniable that he is a step up from the Alex Smith/Dwayne Haskins/Kyle Allen/Taylor Heinicke quartet that threw to Sims in 2020. The fact that Sims maintained a 68% catch rate with this group is pretty dang impressive for essentially a first-year receiver. Sims’ abilities would certainly add the extra threat that Minnesota would need, and he more than likely wouldn’t cost more than a fifth or sixth round draft pick.

Josh Frey

Graduate of The College of Idaho, Class of 2020. Senior writer at UFFda! Sports Network and Managing Editor of

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Robert Clark
Robert Clark
3 months ago

Yeah, that is an option if you like dumping draft capital on young players. It seems obvious that the Vikings need another receiver in the mix. Is he worth 2 mil? It seems that the waterboy is making that much these days. But, who knows.
I think they will address this issue in the draft, but I’m notoriously off target when I do my mock drafts which end up as throw away paper drives for the kids. I’m usually so far off that I get pretty lousy reviews. Nevertheless, it is something to think about.
I was hoping Corderrelle Patterson might want to come back and play the 3rd spot as well as return kicks and such. He’s been fairly successful there previously. He’s probably asking for too much for the Vikings to acquire his services.
Personally, I am hopeful that something emerges from the Atlanta wanting to trade down rumors that were floating around. If we can obtain that pick for Sewell, the wait is over. He’s the highest graded OT prospect in at least a decade. It would solve that problem and virtually eliminate the necessity of double dipping in that position. That’s my hope. There is plenty of later round draft picks to trade but is it enough to acquire Atl 1st round, # 4 overall pick? It would also be beneficial to try to pick up a 2nd round pick. But that might be too much to ask for. Pick # 14 is not going to get us Sewell. Perhaps Darrisaw?
Anyway, Speilman needs to drill this draft and get guys we need not players that serve no purpose. SKOL!!!

Reply to  Robert Clark
3 months ago

We need that tackle, and we also could use a guard. We really need that ol to be solidified if we want to go anywhere in this league. We can’t just keep tossing crap at it year to year. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over expecting a diff result. And so far, that’s just what mn has been doing. We have some legit weapons now on offense, and giving kirk the protection he deserves, will allow those weapons to shine. It’s amazing that jjettas was able to do what he did this past year, now imagine that with proper protection for kirk, imagine the run game, imagine the confidence that will happen with those guys. It’s amazing to me actually how people crap on kirk, when every team he’s been on has had a terrible protection for him, yet he’s maintained his pocket awareness, and good mechanics and hasn’t been ruined from being pressured and sacked so frequently. He’s got ice water in his veins. I truly do feel with proper protection this guy shines and is able to take this team where it deserves to be.. we just needed to shore up the d, not waste every penny on it, but make it decent, and then bolster that offense. In this league in this day and age, having a line like mn has had for so many years and spending on a qb is just unacceptable. You pay big money for a qb, you protection that investment at all costs. That’s what you do. You don’t expect him to go to the playoffs or win a sb with patchwork bull crap year. That’s ridiculous. It’s unbelievable to me how little they’ve put into it, and how long they kept reiff around, and then resigning Dozier, it’s just stupid. They are garbage. Fix that line if you want to get shit done. A 3rd receiver is great, but we gotta fix that line first. Everything else right now is secondary imo

3 months ago

We have receivers… 2 high end big time receivers.. do you know what else we have? the worst defensive line in vikings history, and the worst offensive line in NFL history…

Worry about what matters..

Last edited 3 months ago by Eric
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