Viking Territory Breakdown – Podcast Joe Oberle and Star Tribune’s Mark Craig Talk Seahawks and More

Joe Oberle and Mark Craig Vikings Territory Breakdown Podcast
Joe Oberle and Mark Craig talk Vikings


Joe Oberle and the Star Tribune’s Mark Craig talk Vikings big win and look forward to next weeks game against Cleveland Browns Mark’s childhood team.

Mark Craig tweeted: “Don’t see a corner backpedal into the end zone from the 10-yard line very often. Way too soft coverage from Breeland there. Gotta do better or try someone else there.”
Why was that the plan? It was the first half and they got better—but what was going on there?

What went right

Defense finally got a stop and the Vikings respond. They score two TDs, quickly–one to AT on a great lazar by KC to the post and another fade to JJ racing toward the right sideline. Both great passes (and great catches).

Cousins was great in the first half. 16 of 20, 185 and 3 tds no picks. 144.8 rating in the first half. Kirk even ab-libbed on a pass to Conklin. What the heck is going on out there and what is the anti-Kirk crowd going to do?

Offensive line was opening some holes for Mattison. And they protected Cousins well. The names, other than O’Neill, are not yet marque names, but two weeks in a row has to be the start of a trend?

Mattison, he rushed 26 times for 112 yards, tying a career-high that he set last season at Seattle when he relieved Cook in the second half.

Everson Griffen with the sack. Welcome back.

Greg Joseph has bounced back with his kicks—perfect on the day with three fields goals.

Defense getting even better as the game goes on.

Clearly there are adjustments. We always hear about them but don’t always seem so obvious they took place. What did they do different?

What went wrong

Not much.

Next Week—Browns at Vikings

Onto the Browns.

Stefanski comes home and he is feeling good at 2-1 after dismantling the Bears.
Has OBJ back and a two-headed monster in the backfield.

What other keys to the game you got, Mark?

Predictions—two homers making picks in this one, who do you got?