Podcast: Chuck Foreman on How Norse God of War Odin Once Helped the Vikings Win – 12 Minutes

JIMBOB Sports Jam Vikings Segment

On Sunday, the Vikings will have a video tribute to Odin, the Horse god of war, and the role he played in helping the team win in a bygone ear.

Former Purple People Eaters defensive end Jim Marshall tells that story in the video.

In this segment from the JimBob Sports Jam, Vikings legend Chuck Foreman tells his version of the story and how fans at the old Met Stadium would begin to chant when the sun started to go down, “Odin! … Odin!”

It was their ode to Odin, and, sadly, nowadays that the Vikings play indoors such a chant may not work, according to Foreman.

Check it out here at vikingsterritory.com.

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