Wild QB Theories Still Floating around Vikings Orbit

Andrew Luck
Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Vikings are 16 days from their first regular season game of 2021, but strange quarterback theories still persist relating to the team.

Earlier in the offseason, fat rumors circulated with the insinuation that Kirk Cousins would be traded. He wasn’t, making the folks that predicted his imminent exodus to the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, or Houston Texans – look pretty silly.

Cousins, barring last-minute injury, will be the Vikings QB1 for 2021, his fourth-consecutive year holding the job. And for the Vikings franchise, that is a long time. Daunte Culpepper was the last signal-caller to start four straight Week 1 games in Minnesota.

What’s more, the Vikings QB2 situation is currently dicey as Jake Browning and Kellen Mond have failed to instill confidence as the backup quarterback. Put bluntly, neither one looks very good.

So, that spins the wheels of folks that follow the Vikings. Strange quarterback theories are aplenty. Here’s a look at them.

Drew Lock to MIN

Former Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater won the Denver Broncos QB1 job this week, stealing the assignment from Drew Lock – who was the favorite to assume the duty. Not so fast, said Bridgewater (figuratively).

Lock, entering his third year, will now watch from the bench as Bridgewater attempts to recreate his 2015 season with the Vikings or his 2019 undefeated streak with the New Orleans Saints. It’s a tall task because Bridgewater threw a measly 15 touchdowns last year as the Carolina Panthers’ QB1.

Naturally, the Vikings should trade for Lock – or so goes the theory.

This would be swell if Lock was on the trading block. He isn’t. Lock is the Broncos QB2 that will get another audition from head coach Vic Fangio if Bridgewater cannot elevate the franchise.

Right now in Denver, the arrangement is Bridgewater-with-a-quick-hook toward Lock. Many Denver enthusiasts thought this deal would be the other way around – Lock starting with a short leash – but no bones.

Denver needs a good QB2 with Bridgewater – a mid-tier QB – in charge. Lock is that, thus nullifying his trade stock altogether.

Andrew Luck in 2022

It didn’t stop there.

Retired-too-soon Colts passer Andrew Lock was spotted throwing footballs with high schoolers recently. That means he’s heading to the Vikings in 2022.


It is not inconceivable that Luck would unretire, but his preference for Minnesota – out of 31 other destinations – is extremely speculative and whimsical. Luck would be forced to contractually wiggle away from the Colts somehow, then plot his next steps. Too, Kirk Cousins has a ginormous cap hit in 2022, and the Vikings will need to manage that first before handing Luck $30 million or so.

For now, it’s the Cousins and Mond Show in Minneapolis for future QB outlook – not Luck-to-Minny based on no evidence.

Philip Rivers Is a Phone Call Away

This one isn’t heavily promoted by any accredited Vikings entities. But the conversation of Rivers as the Vikings QB2 is out there.

Rivers is also intermingling with high schoolers – he’s coaching, not throwing like Luck – and that splashes his name back into social media circles for a moment. Rivers retired after a playoff appearance with the Colts in 2020, ushering in the Carson Wentz era in Indianapolis.

He indicated this summer that a return does intrigue him. Yet, that probably isn’t sitting behind Kirk Cousins. A return by Rivers would likely require a season-long injury to Justin Herbert or something in that vein. Rivers could ride back into Los Angeles and save the day.

If Cousins is hurt, perhaps a phone call to Rivers is sensible. Don’t count out on him leaving high school coaching responsibilities – which he appears to love – for a  backup-to-Cousins job title.