Vikings Twitter 2020 Awards

Via Twitter, a 2020 nomination process, polling, and award announcement occurred last week among Minnesota Vikings fans. Folks were engaged. Folks were outraged. Folks were fascinated. That is how Twitter works – especially Vikings Twitter.

The good, the bad, and the attractive were recognized for their contributions to Vikings Twitter in 2020.

Here is a pictorial account of events:

1. Best NFL Draft Mind

2. Most Irrational Fan

3. Loudest Kirk Cousins Detractor

4. The β€œDon’t Pay Dalvin” Award

5. The Fire Zimmer Award

6. The Do Not Fire Zimmer Award

7. β€œAll Is Lost Because of Diggs Trade” Award

8. Funniest Vikings Account

9. Most Optimistic Fan

10. Most Pessimistic Fan

11. The β€œAlways Seems Drunk” Award

12. Most Attractive – Male

13. Most Attractive – Female

14. The Constant Overreaction Award

15. β€œPodcast I Actually Listen To” Award

16. β€œKirk Cousins is Damn Good” Award

17. Most Shocking Account

18. Trusted Source of Analysis Award

19. Best Account for Breaking News

20. Best Vikings Twitter Account

21. Most Wholesome Fan Award

22. Best Beard by a Viking Fan

23. Best Foreign Vikings Account

24. Best Person – In General – on Vikings Twitter

25. Thirstiest Vikings Twitter Account

26. Most Underrated Account


27. Most Interesting Account

28. Best Vikings Tattoo Award

29. The Vikings Trump Award

30. The Vikings Biden Award

31. Best Vikings Stan Account

32. Fan with whom You’d Like to Watch a Game

The 2021 VTAs will be held on Twitter in late December 2021. Follow @dustbaker to participate in next year’s nomination process. You can also send him award ideas through 2021.