Vikings Fan, Entrepreneur Launches Spice Company

A Minnesota Vikings fan turned entrepreneur recently launched a spice company, blending his love for football and cuisine.

His name is Ben Theis, and he’s associated with Vikings forefathers like Carl Eller, Tommy Kramer, Chuck Foreman, Greg Coleman, Stu Voigt, Ed White, Robert Griffith, and Leo Lewis.

The company is Tailgate Spices, with full product availability here.

Ben, Lorie, and Kelly decided to launch Tailgate Spices in 2021 as an avenue to bring the fun of tailgating to any occasion and to spice up your current tailgate party.

Born from the embers of tailgating at Minnesota Vikings games, the idea came to life for creating a unique spice collection that would enhance tailgating parties.

So, boom — Tailgate Spices is a local Minnesota spice company that offers fun, apropos names and delicious spices for your next tailgate party (or backyard BBQ, party, or that random Tuesday night).

Vikings Tailgating in Week 5 vs. Detroit Lions

Vikings fans, former players, grillers, family, and friends alike are all loving their Tailgate Spices with a pinch of fun.

Current Spices:

  • Personal Fowl Chicken Seasoning
  • Intentional Grounded Beef Seasoning
  • Pigskin Pork Seasoning

Launching within the next few weeks:

  • SKOL Seasoned Salt

Coming Soon:

  • Kale Mary Vegetable Seasoning
  • Fair Catch Fish/Seafood Seasoning
  • Get Blitzed Bloody Mary Spice Blend

Tailgate Spices hit the market in September when Theis made it official:

Theis is also the owner of Skol Marketing, a group described like this:

Our focus is giving small businesses and nonprofits the tools and resources they need to get found online. From extending your reach across multiple social channels to establishing credibility with the biggest player in all search engines, Skol Marketing helps your brand stay top of mind — and top of search results — in today‚Äôs digital playing field…Skol!

So, if you’re a tailgater, Vikings fan, consumer of food, or anything of the sort, get engaged with Theis’ companies.